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2008 digbmx.com, may 2008: Deluxe BMX is a brand new frame and component company headed up by Ride UK and 4130 Publishing founder Mark Noble. The focus of the Deluxe range is trails, and the products reflect just that. Clean and simple classic designs, no silly gimmicks, balanced geometry. According to Mark, he’s been itching to put together a BMX brand for some time now, and he recognized a need for a core BMX company dedicated to riding dirt, and more specifically, trails. But Deluxe isn’t about recognizing a hole in the BMX industry and trying to capitalize off of it; they’re actually giving back to a very special cause in BMX. In fact, ten percent of the profits of Deluxe BMX will go straight to the Stephen Murray Family Fund. So not only is Deluxe catering to a scene that’s kinda been overlooked in BMX in recent years, they’re also giving back in a big way to a worthy cause. The initial Deluxe range includes a frame in two sizes, handlebars in two sizes and a sprocket.
Mark Noble, bmxunion.blogspot.com, december 2008: I've been toying with something with Deluxe for a couple of years now - at 4130 we almost launched a magazine with the same name, around '98 - it was later launched as Level Magazine, which we did for a couple years. I've always fiddled with frame designs and so on, for years. I did a prototype flatland frame with Proper when they started out, years back. So, with the name in mind first, I started work on it at the tail end of 2006 - I say 'work', but back then Deluxe was just a creative project, something I could do as a side thing, on weekends and evenings, just designing and making things with some mates etc. Bit of a laugh really, nothing serious, a bunch of people in the industry do it, several of my old colleagues at the magazines did it - so I figured why the hell not? We printed some T-shirts, drew up some frames and bars, got some friends involved, got stuff made and people are stoked on it, feedback was really good. Deluxe started out as just a creative project really... I had some creative urges, besides putting everything I had into making the magazines at the time - I worked my frickin nuts off for that mag company. But now the magazines have been taken out my hands and there's nothing I can do about it, Deluxe BMX is now pretty much full-time for me, almost - I have some other good projects in the works too.

Mark Noble, bmxunion.blogspot.com, december 2008: Frames are out now - here in the UK, in France, Germany, and Australia. In America, we're working with Undrgrnd Distribution and product should be in America in early Spring 2009. We also have sprockets now, and come early 2009 we'll have bars, and a few more items... nothing too crazy, all really good stuff.
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