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Released in 1994.
Produced and edited by Scott Hagnas.

Ride BMX US, august 1994: Featuring riders from the northwest part of the US and a few canadians riders, Infection packs a good mix of street, flat, dirt and skatepark riding. It also shows you some of their local spots that are definitely worth checking out, like the Burnside Project (a giant cement street course) in Portland, and "The 30" (an insane dirt jumping spot) in Coos Bay, Oregon. The riders are mostly locals, mixed in with pros from BS contests. Cost is $15.
Produced by Scott Hagnas
Released in 1995.

Featuring West Coast and Canadian riding from Rob Sigaty, Gabe Weed, Steve Roy, Jason Brown, Greg Axford, Dave Osato (nosepick to full barspin), Dave Thom (backflip no foot), Taj Mihelich, Wade Nelson, and many more.

Ride BMX US june 1995: Don't confuse "Euthanasia" with `Youth in Asia." "Youth in Asia" is about a group of young riders that terrorize the streets of China, while Euthanasia is a new video which covers the progressive riding scenes of Northwestern America. First things first, Taj's big pool jump at Burnside is in this video. Wow. Other good scenes include The 30 in Coos Bay, and some skatepark footage from Vancouver, British Columbia. A sample of the good riders in Euthanasia include Rob Sigaty, Dave Thom, Gabe Weed, Wade Nelson (of WNPXLT fame), and Jason Brown. Jason is a really great flatlander that spins really fast. Overall, Euthanasia boasts high quality video and lets the rest of this planet in on how good the Northwest really is.

claybom24, www.youtube.com, march 2012: 1995 - Infection 2 (Euthanasia) (full movie)
Video from Scott Hagnas
Riders from the northwest.

www.notfreestylin.com: This is one of my favorite videos. Scot Hagnas did a great job on this one. Dirt, vert, flat, or street you have plenty of of it all. Toast (Mark Johnson) is a wild man. Props go out to the riders in the great northwest.
Out july 1997,
Regie: Scott Hagnas.

Ol'School, www.notfreestylin.com: my hope for 4 materialized.massive changes in the theme of the subtitles of the infection series.(2)Euthanasia,(3)post-mortem to (4)good ol'boys.the opening credits are like a bmx version of "dukes of hazard" intro.i have come to expect great videos from Scott Hagnas ,and i wasn't too disappointed.i really like this video,but its not one that will have a many repeat viewing as some other videos.it runs 45 minutes and is crammed with new and original riding.there are some moves that will wear out your rewind button.one of those would be seeing a guy do a peg decade n,stop while over the front end and starts scuffing the rear tire.another rewind is seeing a guy ride off a curb and pull a tailwhip before he hits the ground.also seeing some one hitting his bacon the ceiling while doing a superman indoors .this is a good video ,though it wouldn't be in my top 3 of the year ,i can say it would fall in the tops.
infection 4 good ol boys

www.enjoythetrick.com, june 2010: Here are the flatland highlights from the Infection 4 Good ol’ Boys video. Riders include Andrew Faris, Cory Strat, Scott Hagnas, Stefan Royer, Eric Stefano, Jamie Mac, and Jason Brown. A big thank you to Scott Hagnas for allowing us to edit his video and post it for free on the web for you all to enjoy.
USA 1999
Regie: Scott Hagnas

Jared Souney, Ride BMX US november 1999: This video is a great representation of the riders in the northwest US and parts of Canada. (...). Infection 5 is well put together and cleanly edited, with some crazy guys like Shad Johnson, Toast, and countless others. The northwest is full of crazy spots and this video showcases them - I walked away wanting to ride burnside, really bad. Buy this video, if not for the riding, for Toast's dreadlocks.
infection 5 metal militia