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Released in 1989
Starring Mat Hoffman, Rick Moliterno, Brian Blyther, Ron Wilkerson, Dave Nourie, Joe Gruttola, Bob Haro, ...

1989 Haro catalog: 38 minutes of non-stop action, humor, music and more with freestyle's Team of the Year: Wilkerson, Blyther, Hoffman, Moliterno, Nourie and Gruttola. Music by Bob Haro and more. VHS format.

Armen, Bicross and Skate Magazine, mars 1990: Vous pouvez, en ce moment, trouver la "fameuse" vidéo Haro. Si je peux y apporter une critique, je vous dirai qu'elle n'est pas aussi fameuse qu'on le croit quand Matt fait de la rampe on ne sait pas ce qu'il rentre tellement les images sont superposées, quant au sol, à part un enchaînement de Moliterno, c'est vraiment primaire. Seul bon passage, une séance de wall rides dont Moliterno (encore lui) s'avère être le maître. Une vidéo que je ne conseille qu'aux débutants, pour les autres, trouvez plutôt les vidéos Aggroman (d'Eddie Roman) et les IV Dorkin' York (de Kevin Jones et Mark Eaton...).

Team Haro Freestyle, Circa 1988. BMXDigital from T/n/m/ Group on Vimeo.
Produced by Mark Eaton
Released in 1995

The main features are Todd Lyons' and Dave Mirra's sections.
Other features are contest and race footage.
Produced by Mark Eaton.
Running time: 33 min.
Starring: Dave Mirra, Chad DeGroot, Ryan Nyquist.
Footage from Woodward, Eastwood Ramp Park, 7-11 Trails, DK Dirt Circuit/Dayton, 2-Hips Tom's River comp,1998 X-Games (Jay Miron, Dennis McCoy, Dave Osato, Joey Garcia, TJ Lavin, and Dave Voelker).
Tricks: barspin backflips, tailwhip 360s, backwards railslides, 900s, bikeflip dump trucks.

www.ewirezine.com: Sure, some of today's hardcore angry young riders won't like this Haro team video since it features sellout Dave Mirra, un-trail rider Ryan Nyquist, and flatlander Chad DeGroot. But for the rest of us who don't bother to get caught up in the politics and labeling bullshit going around these days, it's a good video - with that lineup and Mark Eaton producing, how could it not be ?
You can pretty much guess the kind of riding in Fantasy: big vert, burly street, technical mini ramp, impossible flatland, and plenty of barspins. Mirra and Nyquist also put in some trail time, and half of Chad's footage is surprisingly good street & mini. The footage shot at skateparks (Woodward, Eastwood Ramp Park) are good, but some of the X-Games footage is a little sketchy (shot from a distance, a little shaky in parts, sometimes people get in the way)... plus those of you glued to ESPN2 probably have already seen it.
One thing that's a little different about this video is that is doesn't feature only Haro riders. A good amount of the X-Games footage are highlights from the contest with everyone you'd expect (including Jay Miron, Dennis McCoy, Dave Osato, Joey Garcia, TJ Lavin, and an insane Dave Voelker). There's also some pretty amazing footage from a contest at Tom's River skatepark in NJ, including the one and only (thank God) Ice Money.
Fantasy has some of the most amazing things ever done on a bike: sick truckdriver variations, barspin backflips, tailwhip 360s, backwards railslides, 900s, bikeflip dump trucks, and lots more. The soundtrack is decent, and Eaton adds his own Beastie Boys remix and does a good job blending U2 with Public Enemy. If you're a raving fan of any of the Haro riders, you probably already own this.