Sources: animalbikes.com, vimeo.com/animalbikes, www.bmx-test.com, www.fatbmx.com, www.bmxmdb.com, ...
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oscar, www.bmx-test.com, september 2002: It was edited by Bob Scerbo and Jeff Zielinski. The rider sections are, Joe Miloti, Adam Webber, George Dossantos (so many tech tricks), Bob Scerbo (excellent part), Rob Dolecki (awesome flow), Joe Tiseo(RIP), Rich Andreau (sprocket grind handrail way before everyone else was doing them), Jeff Z, Ralph Sinisi (hop over to crooked grind?!?!) and probally the best part of the vid... WILL TAUBIN... Where to start with this one... Will is one crazy russian, he has some sick brakeless manuevers (grind up a rail to barspin, bank to rail 60/40).. There's also a little trail section in there for you dirt riders.
The first time I saw a preview of this video was one of the CFBs. When I saw it, I knew I had to buy it. Plus being from NJ it was a must. Anyway, I think EVERYONE should have this video in their video collection. It's kind of old now, but you get to see how getto everyones' bikes used to look. 9/10.
don't quit

Don't Quit Your Dayjob - Joe Tiseo from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

Don't Quit Your Dayjob - Ralph Sinisi from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.
Released in 2002.

kwpunkdeadhead@aol.com, www.bmx-test.com: Yes it is only 22 minutes long and about 20-22 dollars, but it is soo worth it. Remember people, it's quality not quanity. The video is short but that means you can watch it more during the day or in between nice street sessions. This video really does deserve a 12 out of 10, but since that the scale doesn't go up to twelve, than I'll give it a 10/10. Go buy this video, you'll be nothing more nothing less than amazed.

kyle4130, www.bmx-test.com, 09.2002: This video has been reviewed a shit load of times, but in my originality, I went about this review differently. So find below the pessimists view, the optimists view and the buy if/skip if sections. On with the review !
This video was hyped up beyond belief! How long did it take for them to get this twenty minutes of video toegether! It was supposed to be no filler, but I found the mix section and a lot of the riding that had been seen before (on adverts etc) to be 'filler'. A rush job this video was, only half the team was in it! This can not surely be a 'team' video then! A lot of the footage was dark and all the hip hop stuff was lame. All the riders are doing feebles! Open your eyes! This video is only street, how much limitation do you want? there is amazing stuff happening on all terrain, why discriminate? All in all a dissapointment.
Street is progressing fast, and this video is documenting this progression with style. Edwin Delarosa, Bob Scerbo, Vinnie Sammon, Butcher, Markus Wilke, Vic Ayala, George Dossantos and Grimaldo Duran have full sections and are all rewriting history with moves that will blow your mind. This video is short which keeps things flowing and doesn't drag on like others. This video is amazing, and if its street your after, you are not going to get better than this.
You are into street riding. Plain and simple, this video IS STREET in 2002.
Don't buy
if You are looking for trails, park or other disciplines. If you hate hip hop you might want to stick in your own CD. Don't get out your cash if you are looking for a video with variety and length, this is pretty one style (tech street).

Joe Cox, www.streetphire.co.uk: You’ll all know about the controversy surrounding this video what with the watch company not letting them use the name in England. Well to my knowledge the a****l video is still not available over here which is making a lot of peoples lives hell as this video needs to be seen by everyone. I’ve been lucky enough to see this as Dennis S. sold a few American copies at the backyard jam which was good of him thanks man. I can tell you it is totally the best video so far in BMX. 100% street (even bob scerbos section which seems more like trails he’s so smooth and flowing). Very straight forward editing this video gets started very quickly which is what I like, it’s all about the riding. Absolutely everyone has standout sections in this video, everyone’s sections are relatively short with mostly just mind-blowing tricks back to back, this method makes the video shorter than most clocking in at 22 minutes.
Highlights include Edwin Delarosa's section which is just amazing and worth the money alone but you should already know this from Edwin. He techs out my brain and makes it melt. Xup manual a good distance to feeble to hard way 180 down a handrail!!
Vic Ayala. Real good section more about lines than his fbm section. Crooked grind UP a handrail anyone?
Butcher. Kills it as per usual. The best tailwhip to pedals ever??
Markus Wilke. This section will surprise a lot of people I think. Shows his street side more than ive seen before. High speed manual to 180 to 540 cab off a ledge.
Joe Tiseo. I suppose a tribute section which reminds us all about how good Joe actually was. One of my faves this I just like his style and a real good song to go with it.
Bob Scerbo. Street trails, transitions, pools and full pipes. Smooth.
George Dossantos. Usual techness from George including a feeble to tyre tap, which needs to be seen to be believed.
Grimaldo Duran. Burly crazy style. I like it. Does more things opposite than regular I think. This boy has skills. Gap over the rail at the Brooklyn banks which im sure is a fair size to say the least.
Vinnie Sammon. Vic/Edwin kinda style, which is good enough for me. Both ways realie wallride and a crazy rail to wallride.
Buy this video. Steal this video. You must see this video.

This is the new Animal BMX team video. The new full length team video that is all street riding. Featuring sections from: Edwin Delorosa, Corey Martinez, Steven Hamilton, Joe Butcher Kowalski, Bob Scerbo, Tyrone Williams, George Dossantos, Lino Gonzalez, Jared Washington and Vinnie Sammon. Bonus footage includes a Joe Tiseo video history, skateboard video, old footage and much more.

Kevin McAvoy, www.ridebmx.com: If street riding is your addiction, then Animal is your pusher and Can I Eat? is their way of hooking you up with the big score. You can always tell when someone in the office is watching this video, because you can hear laughter coming from the video room. It's not that the video itself is particularly funny, it's that the riding within it is completely ridiculous. All you can do is laugh at some of the stuff that goes down, because you can't seem to figure out how else to react to it. Vinnie Sammon, Lino Gonzales, Jared Washington, George Dossantos, Tyrone Williams, Bob Scerbo, and Joe "Butcher" Kowalski all deliver solid sections, but things get serious when Steven Hamilton, Corey Martinez, and Edwin DeLaRosa are onscreen. Judging by the action in this video, these guys must be checking dream tricks off their list every day. There are also some unique bonus items included. Old riding footage of some of the Animal crew helps give you a new perspective on their evolution, and there's some modern skate footage of a handful of bike riders that might surprise you. There's also a Joe Tiseo video part compilation from over the years and a goofy morning show segment with Glenn P.P. Milligan when he was out with Scerbo and DeLaRosa on the Butterfinger Movie Tour. Some of the filming is a little sketchy, but it's overshadowed by the quality of the riding. If you ride street-scratch that-if you ride BMX, get this video.

TexasMade, www.bmx-test.com, 02-06-2004: The long-awaited DVD from Animal is finally here. This DVD does not disappoint. At your normal price of $21.95, it is more than worth the money.
Vinnie, Lino Gonzalez, Jared Washington, George D., Tyrone Williams, Bob Scerbo, Butcher, Steve Hamilton, Corey Martinez, and Edwin De La Rosa make up the sections in the movie. Riders like Joe Tiseo, Phil Wasson, Luc-E, Wiz, Vic Ayala, Markus Wilke, and others make up two random sections within the movie.
With riders like this, you can expect two things; lots of street and lots of tech tricks. There are no ramp or trail clips, but that isn't a bad thing. All of the riders have very good parts parts, but the peg less rider takes the cake for me. Steve Hamilton flat out kills it. He does this crazy manual to gap to manual on some picnic tables, but the second manual with his feet on the seat! Edwin, Bob, Tyrone, and Corey all have incredible parts that make it tough to pick a favorite.
Other than Edwin's part, riding to 50 Cent's "What up Gangsta," the music didn't quite keep up with the riding. It's not horrible though. There is a variety of music in the movie from Dinosaur JR., The Rolling Stones, Blondie, Eric Clapton, Tame 1, Big L, Violent Femme, and more. Even though I thought the music didn't quite fit sometimes, you hardly even notice it the first time because of the tricks that are being thrown down.
The running time of the movie is just under 27 minutes. But with all the rewinding you will do, it will take you about an hour to watch it. With the bonus sections, the total running time of the movie is around an hour.
Speaking of bonus, the bonus material is very interesting. They remember Joe Tiseo showing all his video parts from "Stairs", "Grizzle", "Don't Quit Your Day Job", "Intense Energy", and "Animal."
They also include a skate video in the bonus section. Bob and friends show off their skating abilities with a very entertaining skate video. Even if you don't like skating, you will enjoy watching some of the best BMX riders throwing it down on a board. Some of the most enjoyable bonus material has to be the "Old Footage" section. It really does show very old footage of a lot of the Animal team that will make you giggle.
A "Random" section also has a lot of cool bits in it from Edwin and Bob appearing on a morning show in San Diego to some dude getting knocked out cold by a motorcycle rider. It also has a George D. interview, Skavenger section, a Vinnie crash section, and a bit more.
The music and editing weren't up to par with some of the recent best, but the riding puts this DVD up there with Forward, Subversion, and other recent greats. I give it a 10/10 on riding and bonus material alone. Buy it now!

7seconds, www.bmx-test.com, 05-07-2004: This video is 100% raw street. Not one park or dirt clip. I guess you can decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing, I think it's a great thing. For me the standouts were Lino Gonzalez, who for some reason thinks it's possible to feeble to 180 round rails and Bob Scerbo who spins like a top and also did a lot of the filming and editing for this video.
I must warn you though, it would probably be a good idea to line your couch with plastic before watching Edwin and Steven Hamilton's parts because you will more than likely shit your pants. You'll just have to see their parts because nothing I could say would even come close to doing them justice. There is a pretty wide variety of music on this video and I think it goes really well with the riding. I especially liked the Violent Femmes song in Steven Hamilton's part.
Also a normal rating scale will not do this video any justice. There are only two ways to describe how good it is...
1. Use a long string of swear words followed by an exclamation point: Holy fucking shit fuck, this video is fucking ass amazing!
2. Make up a new word, as there is no existing word in the english language that could possibly convey how good this video really is: Wow this video is mondoradulacious!
There you have it, now go buy this video.

Pete, www.streetphire.co.uk: Just got this video from Cyclone Cycles today, and it is definitely a necessity for your eyes. I can say this after watching it once because every single rider in it has at least five tricks in their section that made me release my sphincter. A trick list would actually be impossible because so many of the tricks that are the best are from the future and don't have names.
It's 100% street as fuck. It's got full sections from Vinnie Sammon, Lino Gonzales, Jared Washington, George Dossantos, Tyrone Williams, Bob Scerbo, Butcher, Steven Hamilton, Corey Martinez and Edwin Delarosa plus a load of random riders who kill it. The stand out sections were Steven Hamilton ( loooooooonnnnnnng manual to curved wall to 360 out, putting his bike in very high and far away places generally), Jared Washington, Edwin (tech as fuck feeble to manual a thin barrier to barspin out), Lino Gonzales (Kinked feeble to 180 out), Butcher and Bob Scerbo were also class but it's such an onslaught on your brain with every rider throwing out trick after trick after trick that I can't remember too much of it. Every one a banger and no clangers, all killer no filler, all rad no bad Etc.
The music is slanted like whoa towards the Hip Hop end of the spectrum. This is the video I've been waiting for as far as music is concerned... Big L mixes it up with Blondie, Del tha Funkee Homo Sapien with er, 50 cent (The only bad bit about Edwin's section was the choice of 'music'...)
The extras include a Jo Tiseo tribute section (Always makes me sad when I see stuff like that, from the old Road Fools I've seen he seemed like a really safe guy), A bit of Bob Scerbo et al skating, some ads for Skavenger plus a load of companies I hadn't heard of, A dumb TV show thing from San Diego which has Edwin, Bob and Ryan Sher busting moves in the background while Glenn PP Milligan promotes the Ride USA Vid Reincarnation with a guy called Stan (Respect to Glenn for asking where Stan's helmet is when he gets on Ryan's Bike), a George Dossantos Interview, Plus extra old and random footage.
This video hypes you up to the MAX! The music and great editing work so well with the riding, plus the fact that all the riding is the most shit the bed stuff and all 100% on real street. Fuck yeah. One for your collection

Vinnie Sammon: Big L - Ebonics
Corey Martinez: Eric Clapton - Layla
Lino Gonzalez - Del the Funky Homosapien - Jaw Gymnastics
Steven Hamilton: Violent Femmes - Out the Window
2nd Friends Section: Rolling Stones - Memo From Turner
Bob Scerbo: Blondie - Hangin on the Telephone
Edwin De La Rosa: 50 Cent - What Up Gangsta.

Edwin's part.

Corey Martinez' part from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.
Réalisation: Bob Scerbo
Support : DVD
Durée : 42 mn
Distribution en France: Original flava.

Riders: Lino Gonzalez, Jared Washington, Blackman, Nigel Sylvester, Osso, Belcher, Tyrone Williams, George Dosantos, Bob Scerbo, Joe "Butcher" Kowalski, Steven Hamilton, Ruel "Wormz" Smith, Vinnie Sammon, Edwin Delarosa, ...

Batting Practice - Hieroglyphics / Souls of Mischief
Be My Angel - Mazy Star
The Interview - Artifacts
When The Limelights Gone - Strength Of Will
?? - Talon AKA King Tut For Beats
Changes - Sugar
Get Fly - Atmosphere
Travel Remix - Atmosphere
Salivia - MF Doom
Special Guest Me - Excuse 17
Don't Cry - Neil Young
Next Time - Gang Starr
Aint No Sunshine - Bill Withers
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, march 2006: Animal All Day Animal's videos have built up a strong reputation among the true street riders. Their latest flick titled "All Day" doesn't disappoint. It's not only the team riders who get sections but friends too who lend their hand with some great footy. It's the respect they have for the Animal brand that make them go out of their way to clock some filming time to be part of the Animal video. All Day is actually a good title as the streets of New York don't slow down much. Most footage however is filmed at night, when the security is minimal and the shopping crowd is small. Bob Scerbo held his camera low and made sure the camera was moving which made for some great angles. The riding of the team guys (Hamilton, Wormz, Dossantos, Scerbo, Sammon, Williams, White, Gonzales, Washington, Tiseo (RIP), Butcher and Edwin) is super street. Some ride brakeless but you couldn't tell. Delarosa can manual for miles without brakes and shows how to do a manuel to x-up handrail with ease. George Dossantos has an impressive part and so does speed freak Steven Hamilton. Scerbo made sure he was happy with his part and he should be. Guest visits come from Van Homan, Wiz, Stricker, Gaertig, Ralph himself and too many to mention. If they're real street, they're probably in All Day. All Day is about 40 minutes long which is a good length to get motivated to ride. You probably don't need that much time to get out on your bike. It's a must see for all and a must have for true street riders.

quicrete, www.bmx-test.com, october 2006: This is Animal's 3rd full length video, "All Day." I'm sure when everybody heard about the Animal team's new video, they wondered "How are they gonna top "Can I Eat?" which is still I think one of the top 5 best videos in recent years. Well I think Animal did the smart thing and didn't try to top it, but rather made a video that went in a different direction. "All Day" is still an all street video like "Can I Eat" and at first glance seem to share an identical style, however the two are very different. "Can I Eat" was filled with banger tricks and made you keep your finger on the rewind button the entire video which was nice. While there are banger tricks in this video too, it seems to me anyway that Animal just wanted to make a video riding in basic form; friends, a video camera, fun, and dedication. I guarantee you no matter what the weather is like, time it is, or where you are, after watching this video you'll want to pick up your bike, possibly put pegs on, and go outside and ride. I think that's why Animal's new video succeeds. It get's right to the point and reminds you that you don't have to be able to do crossfooted 360 tailwhip backflips to have fun. Don't buy this video if you're expecting Can I Eat 2. Buy it because it's a solid video with good riding and a home made feel. Also Philly area local and newly added Fit team rider Tom White's part starts the video out with a bang, amazing rider and all around bad ass. Never try and steal his iPod, (I heard the last guy who tried Tom stabbed with a fork.)

THT, www.agoride.com, avril 2006: Cette vidéo tournée entre novembre 2004 et décembre 2005 ne contient que du street et rien que du street. Tous les riders présents passent leur temps à poncer des kilomètres de murets, ledges et rails. On a bien sûr des tricks bien chauds comme le long tooth pick grind de Jared Washington sur un banc en béton ou le feeble to drop de 2,50m de Blackman. Bonne séquence aussi de Bob Scerbo avec un riding bien consistant. Puis on change un peu de style avec Steve Hamilton sur fond de musique bien speed. Ce rider trouve toujours des lignes originales, avec des gaps de débiles, très impressionnant. Une vidéo qui ravira les amateurs de street pur et dur, mais qui peut sembler un peu longue, dû au fait du peu de variations de tricks (grind, manual et gap).
animal all day

Full movie.

Edwin Delarosa part.

statorjso, www.youtube.com: Lino Gonzales' section from the Animal video "All Day". Song is Mazzy Star - "Be My Angel"

andyg, www.youtube.com: Steven Hamilton's part in the Animal All Day BMX video.
March 2010, the Animal video is done.

Ryan Navazio, www.bmxmdb.com, april 2010: I was hired to help film the video 2 years ago. It was the first time I've filmed for such a big project for such a long period of time and just handed the footage off to someone else to edit. There were times where I would go out filming all day and just drop off the tapes to Bob Scerbo and he would even handle capturing it. Bob's pretty much responsible for the modern day no bullshit video format and I trust what he does. He makes the calls and I'm helping him with what he needs by filming the team so I'm just happy I get to be a part of it all. That being said I think the video is great and it stays very true to the style that Bob pretty much invented. It's awesome considering the company has been around for 10 years and the videos have stayed the same. A lot of the original people are still involved in one way or another and that's a rare thing in BMX.
I really tried to film in a style that matched the previous Animal videos. The way Jeff Z filmed a lot of stuff in the first animal video always kind of stood out in my mind and I tried to use that as inspiration. For the most part Animal videos are not a production, my job wasn't to to re-invent how BMX videos are filmed, just to stick with what works and document the riding as I see it.
animal cuts

Brett, thecomeup.com, august 2011: With his “Cuts” DVD section, Edwin De La Rosa showed everyone that, despite being in the game for quite a while now, he still has what it takes to put together a top notch video part.