Sources: www.freedombmx.de, BMXup, bmx.cc, Ride BMX UK, www.propsbmx.com/tread-magazine-pdfs,...
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Publisher: Marco Massei - Props Visual.
Editor: Chris Hallman.
bmx.cc: Quite possible the best bmx magazine ever, created by Chris Hallman with the help of the Props fellows in the mid-1990s, it was very good but lack of advertising revenue caused it to go away.
BMXup #9: Tread représente l'underground et pousse la réflexion (...). Sa création graphique est à la hauteur de ses articles, avec peut-être moins de moyens, ce magazine vous interpellera quelque part ! De loin le meilleur ...
isaac mccrea tread bmx 2 issue 1 - 1996 (1) (scanned)
Isaac McCrea table one hand on the cover.
Texas BS march 1996.
Colin Winkleman interview.
Isaac McCrea interview.
Steve Buddendeck interview (2B, Snap, NBL, ...)
Phoenix Arizona.
rick moliterno tread bmx 3 issue 2 - 1996 (scanned)
Ride BMX UK october 1996: Issue two is out, and it has a nice picture of Rick Moliterno on the cover manualling down the street.
Ride BMX UK december 1996: Tread magazine, run by Chris Hallman and the lads at Props video magazine, have sold their title after apparently losing a ton of money on the first two issues. Tread magazine is now owned by a Rollerblade (?) magazine company, who intend to make Tread "the market leading BMX magazine". They definitely have to go some to beat the likes of Ride BMX US, Snap, BMX Plus - not to mention American BMXer and the NBL magazine BMX Today: their first plan is to raise ad rates. No word yet on whether Chris Hallman is still editor or not.
tread bmx 3 issue 3 (scanned)
Style is the issue.
Adverts : Dragonfly Double Dynamite, Scum lights out, BACO 7, SBC,  Dig it, ...
New stuff.Four bikes, Turtle racing, ...
How to whiplash and fix a flat.
Videos reviews. Scum lights out, Props 15, Infection 3, ...
Matt Gibson.
Brennan Brown.
Mike Escamilla rooftop.
butcher tread bmx 4 issue 4 - summer 1997 - last issue (scanned)
Butcher at Posh on the cover. Photo by Sandy Carson. Skeleton by Steve Crandall.
Adverts : Standard Tao, Jinx, Rigid, FBM, ...
Mike Tag and Steve Crandall: Salad bar policy.
Vinyl 70's by Chris Rye.
News: Taj off HB, Dave Voelker, Dig magazine, ...
New products.
Editorial by Chris Hallman.
Flicks; videos reviews: A;;; Useless video, Balancing act, Until Monkeys fly, Props 18, Face value, Glote, Annihilator, Props 19, Colony of summer.
 The battle of Elsinore, pro flatland jam, Toronto, Canada: Aaron Behnke, Dan Rigby, Chad Degroot, Andrew Faris, Chase Gouin, Nate Hansen, ...
Mark Hilson files.
Art Fags.
Interviews with Keith Terra, Darryl Nau and John Skvarla.
Brian Tunney.
James Levan.
Jamie Macintosh interview.
Taro Saito interview.
Florida BS contest.

Tread crew: After publishing 4 issues of Tread Magazine, we discovered it was becoming nearly impossible to do both Props and Tread at the same time. Tread's editor, Chris Hallman decided to move back to Pennsylvania, and the industry wasn't being very supportive, even though Tread was the best thing to ever happen in the bmx magazine world. The bigger companies weren't advertising (perhaps they didn't like us because we didn't kiss their asses like all the other U.S. magazines do), and Tread simply ran out of money.
Regardless to say, and with regret, we have therefore ended publication of Tread Magazine.
Chris Rye, www.freedombmx.de, 1999: Tread is dead. Basically it was the best American magazine ever, coming straight from the riding stand point. The industry didn't understand it. They were scared of it. Chris Hallman put his heart into it for 4 issues and each one was amazing. We lost a lot of money on it and almost ruined Props because of it. If anything it was a learning experience on how lame the industry is. I think a lot of people were really disappointed when we stopped publishing it, the riders liked it more than anything. I was sad to see it go.