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2-Hip started in 1983. Ron Wilkerson, ...
BMX Action trick team. RL Osborn, ...
Curb Dogs started in 1983. Maurice Meyer, ...
Dirt Bros. Vic Murphy, ...
The Lip Lords Freestyle Team
Todd D. Fantz, november 2010: The founding Lip Lord members, Pat Dehne, Jay Eggleston, Mike Chessnoe, and Todd Fantz, began the team in the mid-late 1980s.  After a couple of years of doing shows on a 1/4 pipe made out of a lawnmower trailer, the team invested in a quality set-up including Mongoose's 1/4 pipe, jump box, and PA system. Mongoose was kind enough to throw in bikes for the riders as well.  The show quality and riders abilities advanced quickly with Pat Dehne winning the overall amateur title of the 1995 BS contest series and Jay Eggleston not far behind. In 1997, the Lip Lords partnered with Schwinn and continued to tour around the country.  While the teams last show was at the Alexander Dawson school in 2004, Jay Eggleston is still competing in pro vert and all the riders are active at local skateparks and backyard ramps.
Plywood Hoods. Kevin Jones, ...
Super Style II BMX Team started in 1981.
Mad Dogs.
Team Regular. Armin Batouméni, Sébastien Bonnot, Christophe Dassié.
En 1997 le team relance le championnat de France sous l'égide de la FFC. En collaboration avec le team Regular, Peugeot met au point un cadre de freestyle au sol, tout en aluminium. Interview du team dans le BMXup numéro 14 de septembre 1998.