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1974 DOB: 14 novembre 1974
Nate Hanson: I'm originally from Bellflower, California.
early years Nate Hanson: I started riding BMX around age twelve or thirteen. I learned to ride a bike kind of late--like around nine--so it didn't take long.
My first bike ever was a nickel plated Mongoose with Motomags.

Nate Hanson: I started out just jumping curbs in front of my house, and that led into dabbling with flatland.
At the beginning, I just rode by myself. After a while, Day Smith started coming over after school, then it became an everyday thing.

Nate Hanson: My first sponsor was probably Primo, me and Day worked in the warehouse there and helped get them into the freestyle side of the sport. They were just a race component company at the time.
1994 1st place stuntboy flatland @ 1994 BS YEAR END STANDINGS.
1995 Cover of Props#6 january 1995. Photo by Brad McDonald.

Nate Hanson: I first started getting stuff from Etnies in '95 or '96.
nate hanson props
1997 1st place pro flat @ New York X-Trials

Pro Flat 2nd Place @ San Diego X-Games

Interview: Ride BMX US #29 august september 1997.

Nate Hanson has cut his long, blond locks of hair.
1998 Nate Hanson is now riding for DK.
2001 Small interview in Ride BMX UK #52 april 2001.

Robbie Morales hooked up Nate to do Fit.
Nate Hanson: Robbie just asked me one night. We were at a bar and he proposed the idea. I went in and talked to Chris Moeller and Robbie about it, and it happened.
I handle all of the technical aspects of the parts. I deal with the frame builder and I do the drawings for all the parts we make. It keeps me busy along with the other stuff I do.
2002 November 2002, Nate Hanson is off Fit Bike Co and riding for Solid Bikes.