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2007 Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, october 2007: More and more riders are taking things in their own hand. Over in Croatia Mislav Streicher not only started the Zion Bikes team but he started a full on company making BMX frames and parts. Their website is about to be finished and for most of us it's good to see it in English or we would have to call Senad Grosic for the translation. It's got info on all Zion's distributors, their team riders, shops in Croatia where you can find Zion stuff, product info and a whole bunch of photos to show you that BMX is going strong in a Croatia.

Press release, november 2007: Keelan Phillips, a well known flatlander from England, recently joined Zion family and we're really stoked on having him on the team. We allready started working on Keelans signature frame and we expect samples to be finished early next year. If you know Keelan, you know pretty much what to expect: straight tubes design, clean look, brakeless, light and really strong. We also work on some other projects at the time, so expect some great new products next spring.
The production of new Zion flatland forks has been finished few days ago. They are available in 3 colors: Glossy black, Pearl White and Bloody Red. Also you can choose between brake mounts or brakeless version. Forks have 1pc CNC steerer tube, butted fork legs, full heattreatment, 5mm laser cut dropouts (10mm only), smooth tapered are for your feet, small cut for brake cable... Weight is 830g for brakless version and 853g with brake mounts.
New color for Luna frames is now available, Bloody red, same as new forks, so you can make beautiful framesets.

www.zion.hr, september 2008: The production of Keelan's signature frame has been finished last week. TT length: 18.8". CS length: 12.75". HT angle: 75°. ST angle: 71°. Low-Kee frames are already packed and on the way to our distributors so you'll be able to get them soon, probably next week. It is available in 2 basic colors, Sunshine Yellow and Purple Haze, and also in a limited edition as Chrome Plated. Frames feature Integrated headset, Spanish BB, seamless double butted heat-treated tubing, no brakemounts, clean diamond design, tapered CS and SS, laser cut dropouts with internal machining....and many more little details that make it an amazing clean looking flatland weapon. This frame is really strong, made for hard riding and weight of the frame is still great, only 1680g.
Zion family
Sam Foakes october 2008: I have made the decision to change my sponsorship from KGB to Zion bikes This opportunity is an exciting change for me. We are currently working on a signature frame which I will endorse. It is going to be slightly longer (19.1" TT) and heavier (cca 4.5lb) than the current trend in flatland frames follows. The reason for this is I want a frame that will last me and hopefully last other riders who like to ride hard.
Keelan Phillips
Akihiko Takahashi www.zion.hr, june 2008: IZion family is getting bigger again. The latest addition is Akihiko Takahashi, 24 year old flatlander from Chiba in Japan. He will just amaze you with his super smooth style, he just makes is look so easy.