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1991 Founded in 1991 by Marton Szilagyi in Hungary. OG stands for Original Gypsy.
www.original-gypsy.com: The OG Bike Co. is the first and only riders owned Hungarian freestyle company. The OG Bike Co. has been established by Marton Szilagyi in the early '90s, and from the year 2000 we started producing high quality flatland frames, the original Griptapegs and short stems beside the famous Trick Stars video series and clothing.
2005 OG Gypo2 Frame feature integrated headset, spanish bb plus angled seattube trimming. The frame weighs only 2.27kg/5lbs, but as you probably know, this means less (2.12kg/4.67lbs) when put together since the integrated headset is much lighter than the normal plus the spanish bb set is lighter than the Euro. The frame features 18.75 inch TT, 74.5 degrees HT angle, 69 degrees ST angle, 13.1 inch CS, 5mm thick heat-treated lasercut CrMo dropouts slotted for 10mm/3/8 inch axles. The Gypo2 frame will only be available without U/brake mounts and cable stoppers. All tubes are 100% Japanese Sanko 4130 CrMo. The frame will be available in the beginning of October, for Euro 270.

OG Caramel Bar: delicious name, delicious design! Designed by OG Marton Szilagyi, using Japanese SANKO heat treated fluted tubes incorporating 2.5 upsweep and backsweep, and available in 2 rises: 187mm/ 7.36 inch (870g) and 165mm/ 6.5 inch (830g) – width of both bars 622mm/ 24.49 inch – available in classic white or black

OG Vajda Fork: another OG Marton design, featuring laser cut heat treated SANKO tubes with 6mm thick dropouts in either 10mm or 14mm, available with or without U-brake mounts and incorporating a Wethepeople top bolt that accepts dual brake cables, just 930g without brake mounts. Check out those ergonomic flattened fork legs for no more munched pinky toes!

OG Griptapegs: same high quality Jessup griptape as the previous version, same aircraft grade aluminium with rounded steel endcaps, but slightly longer and lighter than before (300g per pair) for even greater comfort and control.
2006 Dadan frame.
www.original-gypsy.com, december 2005: Pro flatland frame with unique shape designed by OG Marton. Features integrated headtube, spanish BB, 74.5 degree HTA, 69 degrees STA, 18.75TT, heat-treated 5mm thick dropouts slotted for 3/8" axles, no brake mounts. Price will include 19mm spanish BB set. Weight: 2.49kg (5.48 lbs). Made entirely from 100% Sanko Japanese CrMo. Will be available from March 2006, for 250 Euro.

Original Gypsy, la marque hongroise crée par Márton Szilágyi sera distribuée en France par Fish Eye.

www.original-gypsy.com, march 2006: We would like to let everybody know that Effraim Catlow is on OG. Effraim is a very versatile flatlander, he is known for his big bag of tricks, and he won the Pro World Flatland Champion title back in 1994. He will be riding a purple Gypo2 frame and the 40mm Griptapegs pretty soon. Expect some photos soon! It is a great honor for us to have him on the team.
Dadan frame.
OG team
Effraim Catlow march 2006 - ....