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Easy Style is a very good video. There is a good many tricks performed in this 30 minute video. It's kinda artsy, but not in a stupid way, it's still mostly about riding.

Markus Wilke is in this video and he's a badass. Markus is from Germany but now lives in Long Beach, California with his room/teammate Mike Ardelean. Mike is not a badass, he's nice. The kind of guy you'd want your sister to date, plus he's super smooth with the crank flips. Also in the video are our B team riders. There's Lawan Cunningham, he does pedal stuff and doesn't use pegs for street riding. You'll probably need to rewind his part a lot. There's also David Stroud. He's about as old as you and trying to keep it on two wheels. The last trick in his part is very hard. Dan P'Simer is also on the B team and boy is he good. Dan's a nice young man from Cleveland, Ohio who does big tricks with a really good trail style. He's got cool hair too. By now you are probably thinking that you didn't know MOSH has so many riders but we even have two more, Heath and Jerry. Heath Pinter is our team mgr/rider and he's good at both. Heath has some tattoos that make him look tougher than he really is. Don't miss his last trick, it's one of the biggest in the video. Lastly is Jerry Bagley. You probably already know he's good but after you watch his part you'll think he's better. Watch for the Scorpion!

Starring: Mike Ardelean David Stroud Heath Pinter Lawan Cunningham Dan P'Simer Markus Wilke Jerry Bagley
People who appear in the background: Glenn P.P. Milligan Mark P.P. Losey Mike Aitken Joey Garcia "Biz" "Others"
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