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Ride BMX US #31 december 1997: Although this is a short video (ten minutes long) and features a lot of Todd Lyons blabbering on about how he really does consider himself the Wildman, its worth watching for two reasons.
One, it was produced by the Props guys, so you know the quality of footage and editing is spot on, so even if you do have to endure Todd and Randy Stumphauser, it's at least visually pleasing.
Two, Jimmy Levan's section. If you saw Jimmy's sequence in the last issue of Ride, you know how badass he is on street. Well, that's only the tip of the iceberg. Jimmy goes off in this video, in one of the most inspirational street sections I've seen in a long time. Plus, he rides to Evergreen, a damn good band.
So, what do you have to lose? It's short, you can fast forward through the painful parts, and you'll get to see some amazing street that's really well put together. Check it out.

Tread #4, 1997: The thing that makes Annihilator stand out from norm is that it's really short by bike video standards. Annihilator is only about ten minutes long but in this case it works well. As expected from any Props production, Annihilator features their good videography skills combined with clean lay-out and editing. While Todd and Randy s parts are some what uneventful, James Levan's part is definitely the highlight of the video. That in itself makes it worth seeing. He does some BIG gap jumps and a crazy wall-ride attempt down some stairs. Mere words can't do that gap any justice. I don't know what those little green men from Mars did to Mr. Levan , but they must have eradicated all fear of getting wreaked from his psyche, the man isn't scared of anything, not even jumping jacked cars off three foot ramps. If you don't buy this video for the riding, get it to hear the sound-track. The Evergreen song from Levan's part in particular just rules!