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Andy Jenkins, www.hessenmob.de, 1998: We made zines on our own time and we wanted Homeboy to encompass the energy of zines, but we wanted it to be slick and beautiful -something a zine can't be. Large format, color, high-gloss paper... but it never got there. After seven issues it folded. Never made it out of bad uncoated paper. After we completed each issue it was a fight with Wizard to even get it printed.
www.hessenmob.de: A German clothing company called "Homeboy" who built their "reputation" (they're a million seller today) as "skatewear" manufacturer on a premier collection which consisted entirely of designs ripped off from CLUB HOMEBOY designs and FREESTYLIN's "public service announcements.
Andy Jenkins: We struggled with Club Homeboy. It was very successful but we had no business experience and so it drifted into oblivion. Then someone in Germany stole our name, started stealing our designs and we just stopped it. One of the shirts even had a photo of me skating on it. That was a real slap in the face. I was pissed but I didn't really care enough to do anything about it... we had already moved on. They ruined a good idea.
1 issue 1 - winter 1987
Josh Marsele: Homeboy was another attempt by AJ and Lew, with Spike J. to try and cash in on the Club HB craze at the time. I think maybe this premier issue was sent out to members trying to recruit subscriptions. I don't know; Spike gave me the mag and some stickers and a T so I never bothered to join. Maybe a couple other issues were made. It was huge like Rolling Stone and mostly just a pictorial with a lot of skating. That's Dave Nourie and a Stubbleduck on the cover inset.
2 issue 2 - spring 1988
3 issue 3 - summer 1988