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German magazine.
Chr. Rosenthal and Matt Pingel started Freestyle BMX in 1991.
freestyle bmx 10 1992
october 1992
bart de jong freestyle bmx 04 1993
issue 8 - april 1993 (1)
Bart de Jong on the cover.
Race Dijon
Smith, Backward front wheel squeak, ...

Last issue. 15000 copies printed.
Fat zine #26: Matt Pingel lost his job as the editor/photographer/layout-dude of Germany's BMX Freestyle magazine. So who's in charge now? Nobody! The only glossy BMX mag that Germany had left is gone, yes, simply because not enough people from the industry supported the magazine (and the sport). It's up to the 'zines again to keep the sport alive. Good luck to Beware, Earl of underwear, Laber, Soulride and Schabau 'zine.