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1974 DOB: December 20, 1974
early years
1989 3rd, 14-15 EXPERT Flatland @ AFA Masters Finals 1989
1994 Interview in Props #2 may 1994.
2002 Brian Vowell is riding for Standard.

February, Brian Vowell went to the Minneapolis Street Jam 02. The Street Jam is sort of like an X-Games style event, just not of that magnitude. Apparently there was a street and vert contest for BMX. Brian is planning on going to the UGP Roots event in Florida April 5th - 7th.

July, Brian Vowell is on UGP.
2004 Brian Vowell, www.undergroundproducts.com: I get up every day for my wife Stacy and my new son Preston. He was born in may of 2004, and has ruled my life ever since.