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1988 DOB: April 1st 1988.
Birthplace: OceanSide, NY.
early years Mike Spinner, www.lat34.com, december 2006: I am from Oceanside, NY. We moved when I was around eight years old to Miami, Florida. I guess it was just sunnier, and my parents got old so they wanted the retirement weather. I started riding about six years ago, bunnyhopping curbs and stuff. Then I saw Steve McCann on the X Games a few years ago, and I knew I wanted to do that.
2005 Mike Spinner, www.thecomeupboard.com, january 2008: My first Hook up was Albes 2 years ago from flip and for spins I think it has something to do with when I always road curbs and i just did tons of 360s all the time.

2nd place @ Free Flow Tour, the official amateur series of the Dew Action Sports Tour, Portland, Oregon, August 18-21, 2005.
2006 1st place @ Free Flow Tour, the official amateur series of the Dew Action Sports Tour, Portland, Oregon, August 17-20, 2006.
www.dewactionsportstour.com: Mike Spinner was head, shoulders, and nappy afro above his competitors, however. His 540 tailwhip, double tailwhip, and double turndown 720 would have sealed the win, but he put the final nail in the coffin with a tailwhip 720, a trick never landed before in competition, amateur or otherwise. The pros watching on the sidelines cheered Mike on after a botched attempt, and let loose when he pulled it clean. There were rumors floating around before the comp that it was going to go down, so everyone was psyched to see it happen. “I landed my first 720 whip maybe a month ago,” said Mike after the contest. “It’s pretty scary, and I’ve never done it on a box this big. That was the fourth one I’ve rolled away from.” Spinner stopped in at the Free Flow contest back in June at the Vans Park in Orlando, Florida, on his way up to Woodward Camp in Pennsylvania. The time at camp has obviously helped him out. “It’s so awesome!” Mike exclaimed. “I get to ride with Daniel Dhers, the guy who won the Denver stop. I wake him up in the morning to ride every day.” Perhaps being able to ride with pros at camp on a regular basis is helping him deal with the prospect of riding against the big names in Orlando, because Spinner seems nonchalant about it. “No pressure; I’ve got nothing to lose. I’ll just have fun and hang out. It’s too good to be true.
www.ast.com: August 2006 marked the most important time in Mike Spinner’s life. He entered the Free Flow Tour where he made history by landing the first tailwhip 720 in a competition by an amateur or pro. Spinner was then selected as a Wild Card rider, at the last stop of the 2006 AST Dew Tour, where he wowed the crown by qualifying first in the BMX Park prelims, his first ever pro contest. Unfortunately, he took a crash on his opening run of finals. In his first year as a pro he started off stronger than ever, opening the Dew Tour season with a second place finish. He stayed consistent throughout the tour and ended up ranked second in the BMX Park Dew Cup standings.

Riding for Mirraco.
www.mirrabikeco.com, november 2006: After riding at Dave’s warehouse in preparation for the Dew Tour Finals in Florida, Dave was pretty impressed on a.o. Spinner’s 360 triple whips. When Mike asked where he could buy a Mirraco frame, Dave hooked him up with a Black Pearl. Spinner said he’d put a Mirraco sticker on his helmet and Dave was okay with that. After qualifying in first place in Pro Park Mike had made an impression on everyone and it was time for Dave to talk some more. Now that he is on the Mirraco team Spinner is extra motivated to ride, travel and learn new tricks.

12th place pro park @ 2006 Dew Tour round 5; PlayStation Pro, held October 12-15 at Orlando’s TD Waterhouse Centre.
www.dewactionsportstour.com: Mike Spinner, the winner of the Free Flow Tour (the Dew Tour’s amateur series), earned a spot in the Orlando comp and made it count by beating out all the pros for the top qualifying spot. Spinner is also an Orlando local, so that was just icing on the cake. Mike Spinner crashed big during his first final run. He went big on his first trick with a 720 tail whip, but fell hard – hard enough to keep him from coming back for his second run.
2007 Mike Spinner's Mirraco in Cream february 2007.

Mike pulled a 1080 in February 2007 at a contest in New Zealand.
Six minutes, Mike Spinner and the 1080 in Ride BMX UK april 2007. Mike Spinner and the first 1080 ever pulled in Ride BMX US june 2007.

4th place pro park @ FISE 2007, Berges du Lez, Montpellier, may 16-20, 2007.

Props Megatour 6.

2nd place pro park @ 2007 Dew Action Sports Tour round 1, June 21-24: Panasonic Open - Baltimore, MD.
Spinner double whipped the step down, did a 720 over the small box, spun a 540 whip, and pulled a tailwhip 720, as well as a 900. The kid can indeed spin. He attempted a 1080 after time was up, but unfortunately came up a little short.

11th place pro park @ 2007 Dew Action Sports Tour round 2, July 21, 2007 North Coast Harbor - Cleveland, Ohio.

5th place park @ 2007 X-Games, August 2-5, 2007, Los Angeles, CA.

1st place park @ 2007 Dew Action Sports Tour round 3, August 16-19, 2007, Portland, Oregon.
First Run: 720-tailwhip, 900, 540-tailwhip, and turndown-to-x-up 720. Second Run: Alley-oop 270 tailwhip, tailwhip-to-x-up, 900, 1080.

2nd place park @ Round 5, PlayStation® Pro, October 18-21, Orlando, Florida, Amway Arena.
Mike Spinner pulled a perfect 1080 in both of his runs. He also did a 720 tailwhip, a 540 tailwhip, and a barrage of other spinning maneuvers.
2008 Informer in Ride BMX UK may 2008.
2009 Mark Losey, may 2010: Mike Spinner’s 2009 season was cut short after a quad-whip gone wrong at the Nike 6.0 HB BMX Pro. But instead of sitting around bored, Spinner used his down time to do some house shopping and some ramp building. Can you say 11,000 square feet or backyard goodness? Spinner can…