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1974 DOB: 1er juillet 1974
early years Participant since 1984
I raced BMX when I was younger and my parents were really into it. They were always helping out, involved in all of the organizations and that type of stuff. I would say they have been just as much into bike riding as I have been since day one.

Competitor since 1996
1999 Mike was able to quit his welding job after getting picked up by internet sporting goods giant, Nirve Sports at the end of 1999
2002 Mike Laird is riding for Huffy.

Transworld BMX december 2002: Mike Laird is out with another injury. He was doing a downside whip at the Virginia Beach Soul Bowl and crashed, knocking himself out and breaking his collarbone. He was taken to the hospital for a brain scan, because he was out for so long. He'll be off his bike for about four weeks.