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Sources: Ride BMX US, BMXup, wethepeople.de, www.expn.com, Thomas Revest, www.credencebikes.com, ...
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1975 DOB: november 22, 1975.
early years Josh, www.ridebmx.com, june 2005: I basically grew up in the woods with my two sisters and brother in numerous houses that my father built. Harsh winters and humid summers, real simple living with all the ups and downs one could expect.
1995 1st place stuntboys vert @ BS 1995 round 4 and finals, Daytona Beach, Florida, november 1995.
High airs, 540's and tailwhips earned him a much deserved win in stuntboys vert.

Josh, bmxup decembre 2003: John Parker m'a remarqué en 1995 à la finale des B.S. Il en a parlé à Woody Itson, le team manager de GT et je suis devenu pro.
Josh is riding for GT.
1996 3rd place stuntboys vert @ 1996 BS round 1, march 18-21, 1996, South Padre Island.
Josh Heino got a bunch of air, spun around in a 540 and took his hands and feet off. Third place for sure.

Josh, bmxup decembre 2003: J'ai bougé en 1996 à Huntington Beach pour rouler pour GT et faire des démos. En fait, il y avait là une maison réservée aux riders du team.
1998 Interview in BMX Plus! may 1998.

Cover and bio in Ride BMX US #34 june july 1998.

4th place @ X-Games double vert with Nyquist.
Josh Heino got into a peg stall and then dropped in with Ryan Nyquist standing on his rear pegs.

1st place pro street @ 2Hip Burning bike festival, Arizona, november 1998.
Josh Heino did an alley-oop grind on the death rail and took the win.

December 1998, Josh Heino is now riding for Specialized.
Josh, www.ridebmx.com, june 2005: I stayed with GT until 1997 or '98. After that I bounced back and forth between California and New Hampshire, and I started riding for Primo and then Specialized. I was actually living in Colorado when I got on Specialized, and then shortly after, I moved back to Huntington Beach and then to Long Beach, where I've been since.
Ride BMX US cover
1999 10th place pro street @ X-Games, San Francisco, july 1999.

9th place pro street and 14th place pro vert @ Gravity Games, Providence, july 1999.
2000 Nowhere Fast video
Josh, bmxup decembre 2003: Dave Parrick est venu me voir et m'a demandé si je voulais bien figurer dans la vidéo. J'ai accepté et on s'y est mis. Le tournage de ma partie a pris un petit mois. J'avais encore mille chose à rentrer mais on a du tout arrêter car je me suis cassé le pouce. J'étais dégoûté mais curieusement, les gens ont aimé mon passage.
Taj Mihelich, www.ridebmx.com, march 2000: Having the honor of the last part in a video like this is no small task, and Heino takes the bull by the horns. Vert, street, skatepark—it's all here and it's all technical and burly. Josh risks life and limb for one of the most scarily progressive video parts that has been seen in years.

2nd place pro park @ La Revolution, Skate Street skatepark in Ventura, California, march 2000.

BS round 2, april 14-16, 2000, Louisville, KY. Knee injury.

Josh Heino left the Snafu team to ride for the new TIP Plus team.

The Heino brothers' interview : Ride BMX US #49 june 2000

Interview in Ride BMX UK june 2000.
Fufanu at CFB round 1, Florida. Photo by Paul Roberts.
2001 Ride BMX US Turbulence video
If you're into burly shit, Josh Heino throws it in your fucking face with some scary riding. Some tricks are in Ride Magazine and if you couldn't believe it this one shows you he did all the stuff in real without fakefotography.

PROPS Road Fools 8

Josh Heino is getting a signature frame called OMEN from We The People
Summer 2001, We The People is in the process of designing its first signature model with Josh Heino. The Omen utilizes We The People's flute tubing in the down tube and chainstays. Flute tubing is used in the We The People Everlast forks. Josh says that this will give the frame "added strength when floundering on grinds." Production models should be available in mid- to late- summer. Josh says that the Omen will come in earth tones and that it will cost "the same as all other high-quality frames." The Omen will be available in four different sizes. The top tube will be available in 20-1/4" and 20-3/4" and each can be combined with either a 14 1/8" or 14-3/4" rear. Josh plans to ride the 20-3/4" and 14-3/4" combination.
2002 Interview in Ride BMX UK #58 april may 2002

Josh Heino is the brand-spanking new North American WeThePeople team manager.
2003 Josh Heino footplant in Lake Forest, California on the cover of Transworld BMX june 2003. Photo by Keith Mulligan.

October 2003, after racing cars in New Hampshire for a while, Josh decided to move back to california for the wintertime.

Interview dans BMXup #27 décembre 2003
06 2003
2004 Josh Heino is now officially sponsored by Split USA Clothing.
2005 wethepeople.de, january 2005: We have been together four years, and in that time both Josh, his ground breaking riding and working together on his innovative frame the Omen have meant a lot to us. However in 2005 Josh will no longer be riding for wethepeople. The Omen will continue to be available in limited numbers for 2005.

Josh Heino in San Diego on the cover and interview in Ride BMX US may 2005. Photo: Zielinski.

Josh Heino ride pour son pote Troy McMurray sur Evolution.
05 2005
2006 Thomas Revest, february 2006:
Josh Heino is the father of a 1 year old girl.
He had a full interview on FUEL TV Chanel last summer
He left california and moved back to NH, east cost.
He bought a house few months ago.
He is riding for Credence bikes.

Interview in Ride BMX UK february 2006.
2007 Josh Heino, www.credencebikes.com, september 2007: I have a new little boy named Lucjan who is now 5 weeks old, he's the shit. My almost 3 year old daughter Lahja is a very proud big sister. So, My little family is kicking ass, but my relationship with my old BMX family has faded to blue memories. I have an ACL ligament for the first time in 6 years now, I can feel what the hell is going on again, I absolutely love being back on my bike, but I am dying to do so much more, and so we are working on alot, Team and Tour Video, Props commercials, winter park contest series, dirt jumping series for next year, marketing ideas, team sponsors etc... All of this will happen, when it is meant to.