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Sources: www.bmx4ever.de, BMX Action, ... 1963 DOB: 3 novembre 1963 early years I found that jumping obstacles was challenge and enjoyful, then I saw the Bob Haro Show after that I knew what I wanted - to get into BMX and that was around 1977.

My first bike was a 20" Schwinn which I set up with Moto Mags, singe seat instead of the banana seat that came with it. I also tore off all reflectors and put knobby tires on the bike. 1984 Cover: BMX Action february 1984, 1983 King Of the Skateparks finals. 1985 1986 I won the 1986 world freestyle championships in Vancover, Canada in the pro-ramps contest. 1988 In 1988, after the finals in Los Angeles, I got out of the team. I have got injured and recovered very slow. Doing contest all the time was starting not to be fun.