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1970 DOB: october 9, 1970
early years SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING. Krys Dauchy was six-time gold medalist in synchronized swimming in the Junior Olympics when an intense allergic reaction to chlorine struck.
I turned into a giant scale, I couldn't swim anymore so I became a couch patato for a while and then got into BMX when I was 12.
1986 BEYOND THE NOURIE STAND. Krys letter in the Street Talk of Freestylin october 1986.
Krys: Dear Freestylin',
Hey guys, how ya doing over there in sunny California? I'm one of those mundane, boring, small-town chicks from the Midwest-with one exception. I freestyle. And I do the most contorted Nourie handstand this side of Mars. I just wrote to tell you that guys aren't the only ones that can get radical. Girls are alive and soon to be kicking in the freestyle world.
Stay unbelievable!
Krys Dauchy Peninsula, Ohio
P.S. You ARE going to print the unbelievable freak-of-nature contortionist photo, aren't you?

Andy Jenkins: No way... Essentially you could scratch your head with your toes while you're in the 'contortionist" position ... jeez.
street talk
1987 SPONSORED. Krys Dauchy is the first girl freestyler to get sponsored.
Aparijo, when GT's Shawn Buckley came up, watched her a bit, and asked if he could take some pictures.
Krys: I rode for him and he seemed kind of interested and gave me a Dyno T-shirt. It sounded promising. I wasn't really planning on anything just then, but when I came back from Florida, I got a call from GT saying they wanted me to ride for them.

39th place 16-18 Expert class flatland @ 1987 AFA Masters round 5, october 3-4, 1987, Wayne, New Jersey.
Nobody got the crowd screaming as loud as GT's only girl, Krys Dauchy. As soon as her name was announced, a roar rose up from the bleachers that eclipsed every decibel record of the contest. Krys rode a routine that was mostly slow and graceful and dependent on her amazing balance skills, but it was good. Her best moves were a backwards bar ride and a gut lever that went into a surfer. If she can increase her physical strength and master more of the newest tricks, she'll be more of a contender in the class. She has the showmanship, that's for sure. As it was, she placed 39 out of 59 riders.

DMC et Krys Dauchy sont en couverture du BMX Plus! de septembre 1987.

hjw3001, www.youtube.com, october 2011: Krys Dauchy's expert flatland freestyle bmx run at the 1987 AFA Masters in Wayne, NY.

Krys is sponsored by General.
1989 Krys stopped competing in Freestyle.
1990 GO #4 february 1990: Joe Gruttola engaged to Krys Dauchy...
2001 What happened to Krys Dauchy ? www.notfreestylin.com