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1978 Date of birth: may 26, 1978.
Born and raised in Costa Mesa, CA.
early years Ryan was introduced to bmx by his best friend Adam Pope in school.
Ryan: I raced Bmx at 14, went till like 16 and gave it up for extreme snow shovel racing.

Ryan: I started riding dirt and trails in the Early 90's at Dover in Newport Beach, and learned the ropes from the Pros of Westminster.
Ride BMX UK april 1997: Soil is the new video by 'Barspinner' Ryan Brennan of Sheep Hills fame, and as it's a Sheep Hills Locals video, most of it centres around the finest jumping spots in America. Quality filming brings this video to life, quality music, quality editing: you get to follow some riders round the whole of Sheep. There's also San Diego jumps, Twin Palms, Las Vegas, Bo's, TV outtakes, awesome slowmo footage [Ricky Ratt pulls a TRIPLE barspin jump clean!], and even girl fights. Riders on this film include Sean Butler [this guy has so much style -with variations to spare], TJ Lavin [on TV], Ryan Brennan himself, the incredible Ricky Ratt, and total ruler Brian Foster who sticks his jumps solid. There's also the best crash section we've aver seen. Soil is an awesome video, so buy it.

1st place pro dirt @ Backyard Jam '97

1st place pro dirt @ Freestyle Worlds '97.
1998 Interview&poster: Ride BMX US april 98.

Standing at 6 ft 6, Ryan was in the Guiness Book of World Records for being the tallest competitor in the1998 X-Games.
Kinda stupid but i ' ll take it.
15th place pro dirt @ Gravity Games, Providence, RI, july 1999.
Ryan Brennan on the cover of BMX Action #3.
ryan brennan bmx action 3
2001 Six feet six inches tall, 220 lbs