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Event: The Vans Championships of BMX, the third and final stop of the Vans Triple Crown of BMX Series.
Date: September 28, 2003
Place: Oceanside,CA.
Kevin McAvoy, Transworld BMX january 2004: Round three of the Triple Crown series didn't exactly enjoy typical sunny Southern California weather. In fact, each day started with misty rain, and the sun never managed to break through the clouds throughout the weekend. That meant a conspicuous lack of bikinis, and what's a contest on the beach without bikinis? The hazy conditions put a bit of a damper on the event; I knew I was seeing some impressive runs, but nobody ever got really fired up. Nevertheless, the rider turnout was large–especially for the park contest–and there's no way the crowd could have been disappointed with what they saw.
Steven McCann and Ryan Nyquist both had great weekends, and really managed to stand out in the sea of competitors. Steven put himself on the short list of riders who beat Ryan in a park contest this year, and also nailed 720s and a flip-whip to pull a third in dirt. Ryan unveiled a double-barspin flip in his last dirt run; he didn't quite pull it, but he was close and it looked wild. He picked up a couple of big checks for his dirt win and a second in park, and drove away in a new Ford Ranger for taking the Triple Crown overall title.
Even if the sun didn't come out in Oceanside, the riders were shining and the vibe was still good. The Vans contests usually feel more like a jam anyway, so nobody was stressing even when the schedule got moved around. The series is officially over now, but if you want to go to a fun, laid-back contest, you should put one of the Triple Crown events on your calendar next year.
The event spanned four days and for the first time this year, Vans brought the vert ramp back, holding competitions on not only street and dirt, but vert too. Jimmy Walker (Chicago, IL) took first followed by Dennis McCoy (Kansas City, MO) and Koji Kraft (Chicago, IL) placing second and third, respectively. Each rider got two runs and by the end of the contest it was almost dark. VERT RESULTS
1.Jimmy Walker (Chicago, IL) 93.67 $7,500
2. Dennis McCoy (Kansas, MO) 93.33 $4,500
3. John Parker (Chicago, IL) 92.67 $3,000
4.Jay Eggleston
5.Tom Stober
6.Pardel Rodrigues
7.Stefan Geisler
8.Josh Harrington
9.Mike Mancuso
10.Matt Fairbairn
On the Dirt course, Ryan Nyquist brought home the win. Chris Doyle did extended no foot can's and rode with his usual trail style, taking second, while Steve McCann rode into third place with lots of combos.

With his first place finish in Dirt, Nyquist is crowned the 2003 Vans Triple Crown of BMX Champion and pocketed more than $14,000 and a Ford Ranger FX4 in the process.

Alan Cooke flip superman seat grab.

1. Ryan Nyquist (Greenville, NC) 94.67 $7,500
2. Chris Doyle (Pittsburgh, PA) 92.83 $4,500
3. Steven McCann (Melbourne, AUS) 92.67 $3,000
4.Stephen Murray
5.Corey Bohan
6.Ruel Erickson
7.Ryan Guettler
8.Thomas Hancock
9.Joey Marks
10.TJ Lavin
Directly after dirt wrapped up, the riders headed over to the street course for a quick warm up session, which lead right into finals. Having two finals in one day is a lot of work for the riders, but Nyquist proved that he could handle it and took home second.
Steve McCann who had a flawless run with a big tailwhip transfer edged him out of first place. The youngster, Scott Cranmer placed third, showing that he could hang with the veteran riders.
1. Steven McCann (Melbourne, AUS) 95.33 $7,500
2. Ryan Nyquist (Greenville, NC) 94.00 $4,500
3. Scott Cranmer (Jackson, NJ) 92.00 $3,000
4.Tom Haugen
5.Josh Harrington
6.Gary Young
7.Luke Fink
8.Morgan Wade
9.Colin Mackay
10.Alistair Whitton