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Ninja Spin 2009.
Avril 2009.
Monaco, France.

NINJA SPIN RIVIERA from alexflat on Vimeo.
FatTony, bmx.transworld.net, April 11th, 2009: We are in Monaco right now for the first stop of the 2009 BMX Flatland World Circuit and what an amazing event and experience it has been so far. It’s late and the finals are tomorrow morning so we will keep this short and sweet.
The energy and ambiance in Monte Carlo is nothing short of incredible. 30 pro riders battled it out this evening for the 16 spots in tomorrow’s semi-finals. Those 16 will be narrowed down to eight for the final single-elimination battle.
Also this evening there was a bunny hop contest (that no one actually won), a most bunnyhop whips in a row contest that Justin Miller won by pulling 18 in a row before he got too tired to go on (100 Euros), a country vs. country contest that Team USA (Matt Wilhelm and Terry Adams) won by being hilarious and hyping up the crowd with their antics and showmanship (100 Euros), and a best combo contest that Matthias Dandois won with a full minute of insane links without touching (600 Euros).

Expert Qualifying Results: 1.Stephane Messaoud, France - 2.Matthieu Bonnecuelle, France - 3.Maxime Luchetti, France - 4.Alexandre Paroussoglou, France - 5.Catfish, USA - 6.Michael Kroft, Neatherlands - 7.Dorian Vasseur, France - 8.Gyno Stuart, Neatherlands

Master Qualifying Results: 1.Mates Tucek, Czech Republic - 2.Mickael Machard, france - 3.Alex Alexandridis, Greece - 4.Thomas Hirsch, Germany - 5.Robin Hermel, Germany - 6.Charles Paty, France - 7.Jeremy Brosset, France - 8.Mickael Dufek, Czech Republic

Pro Qualifying Results: 1.Matthias Dandois, France - 2.Justin Miller, USA - 3.Terry Adams, USA - 4.Adam Kun, Hungary - 5.Matt Wilhelm, USA - 6.Hiro Morizaki, Japan - 7.Ucchi, Japan - 8. James White, U.K. - 9.Michael Sommer, Austria 10.Viki Gomez, Spain 11.Daniel Furman, Germany - 12.Martti Kuoppa, Finland - 13.Shintaro Misawa, Japan - 14.Raphael Chiquet, France - 15.Dominik Nekoly, Crzeh Republic - 16.Alexis Desolneux, France
Amateur Final Results: 1.Florian Huguet, France - 2.Fat Tony, USA - 3.Benoit Linard, France - 4.Maxime Meyer, France - 5.Aleks-Sandrine, Germany

Expert Final Results: 1.Matthiew Bonnecuelle, France - 2.Stephane Messaoud, France - 3.Maxime Luchetti, France - 4.Alexandre Paroussoglou, France - 5.Catfish, USA - 6.Michael Kroft, Neatherlands - 7.Gyno Stuart, Neatherlands - 8.Dorian Vasseur, France

Master Final Results: 1.Mates Tucek, Czech Republic - 2.Alex Alexandridis, Greece - 3.Michkael, France - 4.Thomas Hirsch, Germany - 5.Charles Patty, France - 6.Mickael Dufek, Czech Republic - 7.Jeremy Brosset, France

Pro Final Results: 1.Matthias Dandois, France 2.Adam Kun, Hungary 3.Justin Miller, USA 4.Martti Kuoppa, Finland 5.Matt Wilhelm, USA 6.Viki Gomez, Spain 7.Terry Adams, USA 8.Ucchie, Japan