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July 8th-10th, 2011, Cologne Jugenpark, Germany.

Press release, july 2011: What a crazy weekend! 14.000 fans visited Colognes Jugendpark to see the BMX Masters 2011. Once again some of the best riders on the planet killed it! More than 300 riders from 38 nations made their way to Colognes Jugendpark. Amateurs and Pro rider competed in the disciplines; Dirt, Park, Flat, and Spine-Ramp. The female riders competed also in two classes - Park and Flatland.
Press release, july 2011: A weekend full of highlights was introduced by the Rail Jam on Friday night. Hamburgs Pierre Hinze suprised big names like Brad Simms and Brian Kachinsky, with a handful of perfectly pulled rail tricks and won the grand sum of 500 Euros.
wizee.fr/matthiasdandois, july 2011: ’I’m super psyched I qulalified second! Tomorrow the final is gonna be siiick! Also loved the fact Daniel Dhers entered Flatland! awesome!
Pro flat qualifiers: 1 Dominik Nekolny [CZ] 2 Matthias Dandois [FR] 3 Moto Sasaki [JP] 4 Adam Kun [HU] 5 Dez Maarsen [NL] 6 Alexis Desolneux [FR] 7 Alex Jumelin [FR] 8 Jesse Puente [USA] 9 Pascal Nanko [GER] 10 J.F. Boulianne [CAN] 11 Bert Ribul [EST] 12 Markus Reich [GER] 13 Sebastian Pospischil [GER] 14 Andrew Cooper [USA] 15 Raul Figureroa [GER] 16 Kevin Nikulsky [GER] 17 Camilo Gutierrez [PER] 18 Alexis Ritsila [EST] 19 Keiji Nakamura [JAP] 20 Navid Saleki [SWE] 21 Stephan Fabien [FR] 22 Laszlo Tividar [HU] 23 Ronny Engelmann [GER] 24 Pawel Bobowik [POL] 25 David Nagy [HU] 26 David Hofmann [GER] 27 Davis Dudelis [LET] 28 John Krämer [GER] 29 Staphan Kornely [GER] 30 Sascha Heydemann [GER] 31 Daniel Dhers

wizee.fr/matthiasdandois, july 2011: I’m super psyched on this one! The level of the contest was really high and everyone put good stuff! BMX Masters are always a good time and I’ll be back there next year, definitely!

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Pros flatland finals results: 1st Matthias Dandois 2nd Moto Sasaki 3rd Dominik Nekolny 4th Dez Maarsen 5th Adam Kun 6th Jean Francois Boulianne 7th Jesse Puente ,8th Markus Reich 9th Alex Jumelin 10th Alexis Desolneux 11th Bert Ribul 12th Pascal Nanko

www.global-flat.com, july 2011: Tomi finished his video of the BMX Masters 2011 and as usual it´s so much more than just another contest video. Awesome atmo shots flavored with Sevisual editing!
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Press release: Dwin.
Pro Park qualifying results BMX Masters 17 July 2010: 1 DUK]

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Pro Park Final results: 1 BrZ ]
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Press release: In the Pro Spine-Ramp Final the crowd witnessed some really heavy runs - Daniel Dhers (VEN) pulled a clean 720 bar-spin over the spine, Brett Banasiewicz (USA) took second with 540 Whip and Pat Casey (UAS) ended up on the third place.

Super ramp pro finals results: 1.
Press release: Underneath the bridge we witnessed the big highlight for Saturday night. The crowd went wild and even chances where heard during the Dirt Final. James Foster is just unbelievable. A triple whip followed by a double backflip, which secured his first place in the final. Brett Banasiewicz opened a new chapter in BMX and was close to pulling a double frontflip.

Results Pro Dirt: 1
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Pro vert results: 1