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Place: Berges du Lez, Montpellier.
Date: du 12 au 16 mai 2010.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2010: Sometimes you end up in situations that cannot be planned. It just comes together and feels great. The MiniRamp comp at the FISE was one of those occurrences. With prelims partly being rained out the previous night the last few qualifiers made it in right before the finals started. In the meantime it was getting late, but the crowd got bigger and bigger and louder and louder. The alcohol might have something to do with it but the atmosphere was getting good except for that one bottle that landed on the miniramp during the comp and caused a flat tire for Ryan Taylor. The jerk got boo-d enough to let him know he messed up but a beating would have been on its place. But back to the ramp, where the action took place. With this rider field things were heating up, which was very welcome because it was freezing in Montpellier at night. One more hour of artificial light was at hand to fit the finals in on this new Monster Energy spine ramp which was a tad bigger than last year’s mini and a little smaller than the Braun spine. 4 groups of 4 had 6 minutes to show what they got which came down to 2 runs each and time for a last trick. It was an international field of riders who made the finals but in the end two Brits were on top followed by two riders from the Czech Republic. Maxime Charveron rode his first ever Miniramp contest and landed on 6th place right behind Daniel Dhers (Venezuela). Not bad for a start. Ondra Slez was looking good coming straight off of a Woodward/Greenville “training session” but it was countryman Michael Beran who had him beat for that podium spot (or third place check if you will). UK bro Ben Wallace showed up with a broken heal. He was gutted to miss out on the FISE but two weeks of healing up was enough for the Amity rider to give it a try. As long as the front end of his foot was on the pedal he could still ride. The heel part hurt but his riding didn’t seem to be hindered much by the situation. Ben rode the shit out of , that mini for 2nd, right behind mini ruler Mark Webb. What can you say about Mark Webb? 900's, flip to abubaca barspin in, flairwhips, etc. With 5 more minutes on the clock before they were going to shut down the lights, the pros kept on riding. Ruler of the afterparty was Alex Coleborn who managed to pull off three amazing tricks: Canadian toe jam to whip in. Double tailwhip to toe jam. Double barspin to toe jam. Damn! That was one of a heck of a miniramp comp. Something that just happened because of the riders pushing eachother in front of that giant French crowd.

Nicholi Rogatkin, www.fatbmx.com, may 2010: The first event of the party was mini ramp, on Friday night. It was dark, windy, and cold, but still was amazing. Fifty qualifying pros, and sixteen to the finals. It was crazy, and so were the people. Mark Webb came out on top followed by Ben Wallace and Michael Beran. Alex Colborn made BMX history with his doublewhip to footjam and truck to footjam whip. Daniel Dhers, Brett Banasiewicz, and Ondra Slez, also rode really well and were among fan favorites.

RESULTATS FINALE BMX SPINE PRO: 1. Mark Webb 2. Ben Wallace 3. Michael Beran 4. Ondra Slez 5. Daniel Dhers 6. Maxime Charveron 7. Alex Coleborn 8. Daniel Penafiel 9. Chris Hughes 10. Ryan Taylor 11. Garreth Wilson 12. Maddog 13. Brian Hunt 14. Jean Baptiste Peytavit 15. Alexandre Bourgignon 16. Georgy Doremus
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2010: The weather wasn’t with us the first two days and with an outdoor event you will have to work with what you get. The dirt course was too wet and soft on Thursday and Friday so everything that was scheduled for those days was put into the Saturday evening program which meant straight finals for the Amateurs as well as the Pros. But there were problems with the jumps, and the strong wind that had some of the riders pull out. But those who did ride put on a show for the (big) crowd. Amateurs had a hip to start off with followed by an S turn and another two sets. The pro riders left from the higher container and were treated with 3 big killer jumps. Bob Manchester (UK) was riding well in practice but ended up in 7th behind one of the Musso brothers named Mathieu (FRA). Dusan Antalik (CZE) does mean one-handed tables which looked good over the big ones as he could hold them what seemed like forever, or long enough for the crowd to scream yeah! It was a bit of a surprise to see Maddog (USA) drop in on dirt. After a few test runs he unpacked the double whip and span the bars dropping in from the high container. He had some issues getting through the whole course but with 2 runs counting out of three he still made it to fourth. Las Vegas local Ricardo Laguna brought his parents over this time to see him land on place three. It would have sucked for him to come all the way from the USA to have the comp rained out or even worse, boycotted. Third place check sounded good to him in return for some 3 double whips and no-handed and tabled flips. Jack Marchant (UK) entered dirt and impressed straight away. The United rider frontied the massive first jump and double whipped the next set and tricked the last set. Awesome. But France had one more Musso brother to offer. Tristan Musso ripped at the FISE and deserved to win. The Frenchies were liking the big whips, tabled front flips and 360-s he pulled off in all his runs. He nailed it and it was a big win for him. Stoked indeed.

Nicholi Rogatkin, www.fatbmx.com, may 2010: This year in Montpellier, we didn’t get so lucky with the weather. Instead of the sun shining, and hot, there were clouds and rain almost every day. So there were no dirt qualifiers and all riders rode finals on Saturday night. A psyched late night crowd, a line of huge jumps and 20 sick riders, dirt was on. Riders from all over the world pulled out their craziest tricks over the enormous FISE jumps. The crowd was into it the whole time. In the end Frenchman Tristian Musso was the champion, the only French native to represent his home country on the podium the whole weekend. England’s Jack Marchant and Ricardo Laguna out of Las Vegas placed 2nd and 3rd.

Amateur Park Results: 1 Schneider Stéphane 2 Wolff Arnaud 3 Clain Anthony 4 Werle Nicolas 5 Caillet Istvan 6 Debatisse Thomas 7 Serve Laurent 8 Liam Vance 9 Laczko Fernando 10 Noes Mathieu 11 Coindre Gérald 12 Heitz Maxime 13 Emorino Thibault 14 Damoulin Rémi 15 Dejean Lionel 16 Henrick Mike

Top 20 makes it to the finals.
Results Pro Park qualifs FISE 2010: 1 YOUNG Gary 360 2 WEBB Mark 357 3 MADDOG 347 4 PHELAN Jason 345 5 BARBERO Alessandro 345 6 DHERS Daniel 345 7 HOFFMANN Bruno 343 8 DIOGO Canina 342 9 BERAN Michael 341 10 BJORN Mager 336 11 ONDRA Slez 333 12 HUGHES Chris 332 13 NORVELL Dan 331 14 WALLACE Ben 328 15 PEYTAVIT Jean-baptiste 326 16 COLEBORN Alex 319 17 HUNT Brian 319 18 CUESON Dean 318 19 CHARVERON Maxime 318 20 HENNON Ben 318 21 BEN Snowden 312 22 LESSER ISAAC 307 23 PAUL Ryan 307 24 MARK Love 303 25 WARD Sam 294 26 WERRELL Lawrence 294 27 TOBIAS Wicke 294 28 PENAFIEL Daniel 292 29 PAUL Jeffries 290 30 LEON Perkins 287 31 MARCHANT Jack 284 32 NICHOLSON Aaron 283 33 WATKINSON Anthony 279 34 MILLER Mike 278 35 WILLIAMS Zack 277 36 TÜNTE Daniel 274 37 RUIZ Juan 272 38 COULOMB Joris 266 39 DIETRICH Arthur 265 40 LUKE Padgett 265 41 BARRALO Simone 260 42 TAYLOR Ryan 257 43 ONDRA Belohoubek 255 44 WINTERBOTHAM Ryan 250 45 BOURGUIGNON Alexandre 244 46 GARETH Wilson 242 47 FOXLEY-EVANS Jon 240 48 MARCHANT Luke 238 49 MANGOOSE 236 50 PITU 234

Nicholi Rogatkin, www.fatbmx.com, may 2010: The grand finale, the big show, whatever you want to call it. The event that always finishes FISE off so well every year definately didn’t disappoint in 2010. The fans packed the banks of the river on either sides of the park to watch FISE BMX Park Finals 2010. Twenty riders going head to head, it was so fun to watch and I’m sure even more fun to ride. The runs were unbelievable, but when it came to best tricks, thats where it was at! Many guys came so close to landing huge tricks, like Chris Hughes body varial, Michael Beran’s Frontflipwhip, and Brett Banasiewicz’s 1080. And many others landed tricks that just set the fans off. Like Daniel Dhers’ Cash Roll, Mark Webb’s Decade to 360, JB Peytavit, who should have been on the podium for sure with his line of tricks. His 360 triple whip, flip double whip, backflip 360, and bike flip transfer, and Alessandro Barbero’s 360 windshield wiper. Every guy rode so well, and the fans couldn’t get enough of the action. The contest could be summarized in the French Announcer’s favorite line: “FISE wants to see the big tricks, baby ”

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2010: There were around 100 Pro entries for Park which is a sign that this competition is on everyone's radar. The layout of the shaky ramps is always a bit different and it's actually partly built on water. This year the organisation was strict on allowing people on the course during the main event which was bad if you couldn't make it, but great for the riders that they did not have to deal with people sitting on the course or standing in their way. You could even read the sponsor signs during the finals too. ,You have noticed that everyone had stepped it up for the event. The "Cashroll" was shown for the first time on European soil by Daniel Dhers. Alessandro Barbero unleashed the Italian Job, and did triples bro, it's hard. JB Peytavit did bikeflip transfers and opposite double whips to name just a few of his amazing tricks. The guy's got skills. 3-triple whip? That one was for Michael Beran. Dan Norvell did his signature framestand backies for the French crowd as well as nacnac flairs. Maddog went for a 1080 and came close. Mark Webb pulled a decade to 360 over the box which helped him win the comp last year. His frontflip flair on the quarterpipe didn't work out well (yet!) but he pulled his barspin manual to whip in first go. Jason Phelan's double whip transfer was sick. Diogo Canina does some of the best 3-tables and did the highest air on the quarterpipe in the far corner. Gary Young, what can you say? He finds lines that noone else does and keeps his throttle open at all times. Amazing to watch. Refreshing was also Bruno Hoffman's riding who did not touch the jump box once in the jam-style finals. How can you get 4th then you ask? Well, picture perfect 720s on quarters, 540s over a bank to bank box, a 540 into a transitioned bank, a 360 drop over a rail, stuff like that. Ben Wallace superman flipped. Bjorn Mager double whipped flipped. Maxime Charveron turndown flipped and did plenty more. Chris Hughes got close to pulling a body varial. Brian Hunt pulled a toothpick on the wall and Ben Hennon did a no-hander to superman over the box. Dead Cueson did a 720 barspin, Ben Snowden was close on his frontie off the wedge and Ondra Slez did 540 whips on the quarters. Yes, the level was high, and anyone could have won it with any of their tricks. Pro Park Finals was last on the schedule at the FISE and is always a highlight. The crowd ate it up. We'll be back next year (first weekend of June 2011) for edition number 15.

Results Pro Park finals FISE 2010: 1. Alessandro Barbero 2. Gary Young 3. Maddog 4. Bruno Hoffmann 5. Michael Beran 6. Daniel Dhers 7. Mark Webb 8. Jason Phelan 9. J.B Peytavit 10. Chris Hughes 11. Dan Norvell 12. Ben Wallace 13. Bjorn Mager 14. Maxime Charveron 15. Diogo Canina 16. Brian Hunt 17. Dean Cueson 18. Ondra Slez 19. Ben Hennon 20. Ben Snowden
RESULTATS BMX FLAT AMATEUR: 1.1 Pilonel Maxandre 2 Atmani Samir 3 Perrier Laurent 4 Raba Antonio 5 Luchetti Maxime 6 Huguet Florian 7 Dezeix Paul 8 Gardelle Jean

Mathias Dandois, matthiasdandois.blogspot.com, may 2010: I arrived in Montpellier Friday at 4p.m and met up with all the riders including Alex J. and Raph C. Qualification were supposed to start at 6p.m but it rained (good for me, I was really dead)... At night it was the Red Bull/Vans Party at the Australian Bar. It was so cool to party with all my friend I don't get to party with usually. Everybody went wild and I even did a crazy show in the middle of a Rock and Roll concert! Pogo time! We did the qualification at 2.30 the following day. The best pros were here so it was quite hard to make it to the top 8 and ride the final. Alex and Raph had some trouble with their run so they didin't make it to the final... shit. I qualified first! The final started at 6p.m and It was sooo crazy. I never saw a crowd cheering that much for flatland! Actually everyone told me Flatland was the highlight of the FISE which is really crazy! I beat Adam (He was injured), then Viki, and had to ride the final against the new flatland contest killer: Moto Sasaki. I'm really stoked I pulled my new trick once again (halfcabwhip pegs wheelie) and I won the contest! Since the contest was over for us flatlander, we went fucking bananas on a club with the Red Bull staff, Alex, Ucchie, Elodie... Everybody was here! Good times!

RESULTATS PRO FLAT: 1st Matthias Dandois 2nd Moto Sasaki 3rd Viki Gomez 4th Youhei Ucchino