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Place: Berges du Lez, Montpellier.
Date: 20 au 24 mai 2009.

Matthias Dandois, matthiasdandois.blogspot.com, may 2009:
-J'ai vu TJ Ellis se coucher à 6 h du mat le samedi matin faire frontwhip sur la dernière bosse en Dirt le même jour.
-Mark webb faire decade to late 360 sur la box pour cloturer son run...
-j'ai vu au moins 2000 tailwhip pedant ce week end
-Barbero faire 360 triple whip comme si il allait chercher le pain.
-Le frenchie Alex Bourguignon fumer la mini en Bus to Fufanu.
-J'ai rencontré le style en personne avec Sergio Layos
-J'ai vu Max Bonfil vomir dans sa propre bière.
-j'ai vu une marée humaine de spectateur pendant la finale street.
-J'ai vu un mec faire du Water jump dans le lez
-J'ai vu Lionel Cardoso Tutoyer Montpellier!
Bref j'ai vu un Fise réussi.
RESULTATS BMX DIRT AMATEURS: 1.Thomas Gaudin 2.Thomas Genon 3.Marvin Rahir 4.Robin Chauvin 5.Damien Wecter 6.Thomas Benedetti 7.Laurent Serve 8.Maxime Daude 9.Benjamin Lahaye 10.Mathieu Dubourgnon 11.Ludovic Laurent 12.Olivier Barrau 13.Mickaël Martinez 14.Dimitri Larbi

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2009: I think it's fair to say that the dirt set-up at this year's FISE was the best they ever had. The podium they built as a run-up was necessary though to clear the big jumps on the first line. After the first three sets a right hander tok you to the last two sets of which the first set was a set-up jump for most. It was a battle between Ryan Guettler and TJ Ellis for first place with the following riders doing really well too: Maxime Charveron, Rob Darden, JB Peytavit, Ricardo Laguna and onr of the Musso brothers. It was a big show that ended at around 11 at night. The lights made sure that the thousands of spectators got to witness tricks like no-handed fronties, flipwhips, 720 barspins and everything in between. On big jumps like these that is insane. The level keeps going up.

mirrabikeco.com, may 2009: It was a straight final in Pro Dirt at the 2009 FISE event in Montpellier, France. Maxime Charveron, Ryan Guettler and Andy Buckworth entered to comp. 3 runs each with the best two runs counting towards the final results. Maxime Charveron and Ryan Guettler both did variations on the drop-in off the starting platform and decided to continue going wild on the huge jumps. Andy was going for the drop in of the night but his flip down the kicker did not work out. He ended up in 8th place and just entered for the heck of it. The thousands of people got wild for Frenchie Maxime and Ryan. Guetler 360-d in and showed 720-s, fronties and double whips and went for a 1080 on the last set in his last run. Maxime tailwhipped in the first landing and continued to blast through the 5 sets for 4th place overall. It was a good show.

Ryan Guettler, mirrabikeco.com, may 2009: Dirt was big jumps and had a super small last set which I wasn’t really feeling. The whole night it felt like I was battling TJ Ellis and I was right. He won and I got 2nd. He had a super good last run so I thought I might be able to 1080 the last set which would have been the smallest jump I've ever done one on but I got around 1030 and slammed really hard on my face eating rocks but I'm glad I didn’t take out any teeth.

RESULTATS DIRT PRO: 1.TJ Ellis 2.Ryan Guettler 3.Rob Darden 4.Maxime Chaveron 5.Ricardo Laguna 6.Jean Baptiste Peytavit 7.Alistair Whitton 8.Andrew Buckworth 9.Markus Hampl 10.Vincent Massardier 11.Yannick Granier 12.Ben Wallace 13.Tristan Musso 14.Nicolas Aguiel 15.Luis Lacondeguy 16.Anthony Rocci 17.Yacine Eloudrédi 18.Bob Manchester 19.Jack Marchand 20.Fabien François 21.Nicolas Pillin 22.Thomas Genon 23.Paul Jeffries 24.Cordoba Jaume Ardebol 25.Max Wood 26.Alejandro Pitu 27.Gavin Shortall 28.Kike Garcia 29.Sergio Ibanez Perez 30.Matt Priest 31.Ryan Taylor 32.Mathieu Musso 33.Jeremie Brigolle 34.Nicholi Rogatkin
16& Under Street Results: 1.Thomas Benedetti 2.Arnaud Wolff 3.Loris Aubry 4.Joscelyn Descidour 5.Vance Liam 6.Cesar Marcorelles 7.Marc Machillot 8.Thibauld Robin 9.Rock Marcorelles 10.Florian Wolff

Amateur Street Results: 1.Tom Smith 2.Jon F Foxley-Evans 3.TEREZ nicolas 4.Graniéri Jérémy 5.Magerand Geo 6.Hendrick Mike 7.Terrasson Maxime 8.Couderc Romain 9.Planus Cyril 10.Benedetti Thomas 11.Klein Anthony 12.Maurel Timothé 13.Chafai Ahmed 14.Papaz Matthieu 15.Wolff Arnaud

Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, may 2009: What makes the FISE contest so good isn't really the course set up or rider treatment. It's the humongous crowd that is into seeing some of the best Pro riders go off just for them. And when the crowd cheers, the riders push it a little extra. Would Ben Wallace have cranked his ass off towards the quarterpipe for a boost to the sky if only 100 people would have been watching? Probably not, at least not at the same height. Please somebody, show me a photo of how high he really was, if it looked photoshopped I can tell you that it was not. Or would Alessandro Barbero have pulled his 3 triple whips in the finals, yeah, maybe but in front of the crowd he could put on his show including throwing his sweaty T-shirt, gloves and headphones to the public that filled the concrete bank. Ryan Guettler pushed his superman flip to the max (the furthest he has ever done it) which resulted in a loud applause. Daniel Dhers was on it and unwrapped some of his new 720 variations over the step-up box. You know how he rides, it's non-stop and a big move on every ramp he finds on his way. It was very close though on the top but what sealed the deal was Mark Webb's decade air to three-sixty over the box. His first one ever on a box actually and Mark was just as extatic and the loud crowd was. Go find movies on youtube to see what all went on. It doesn't make sense to describe everyone's runs here. The level was raised, Josh Perry experienced a European contest for the first time and Bruno Hoffmann is the most consistent rider on earth. 100 pros entered this year.

rideukbmx.com, may 2009: Street finals at FISE 2009 were crazy. Third place finisher Alessandro Babero managed to fit fifteen whips in his finals run over couple of minutes. That includes a triple whip air, triple whip 360 over the box, a couple of double whip airs and a few downwhip variations. Second place Daniel Dhers brought out some new variations like the 720 step through but it was the UK’s Mark Webb who took the win. In a usually unusual run mixed up with 360 flips, 720 turndowns and tech lip combinations, Mark busted out his latest trick, the decade to 360 over the box. It’s peculiar in the way that the 360 rotation doesn’t start until he’s mid air!

Ryan Guettler, mirrabikeco.com, may 2009: Over 85 pro riders in street and to cut that back to an 18 men final... so insane. It took all day with only one run of 45 seconds and then a last trick. Mark Webb killed it and got top spot and kept it up the next day to win the comp also. I ended up in 4th which I'm really happy about considering I crashed in my 2nd run on a 720 whip and popped both shoulders out of sockets. I was bummed but because of the hype of the crowd and just the vibe of the comp I ended up riding my 3rd run and last trick which was a superman flip. The crowd all week were crazy I heard that over the 3 days there were around 450 000 spectators.

Results Pro Park finals FISE 2009: 1.Mark Webb 2.Daniel Dhers 3.Alessandro Barbero 4.Ryan Guettler 5.Ben Wallace 6.Josh Perry 7.Bruno Hoffmann 8.Rob Darden 9.Maxime Charveron 10.Tobias Wicke 11.Paul Ryan 12.Jason Phelan 13.Alistair Whitton 14.Leon Perkins 15.Sergio Layos 16.Daniel Penafiel 17.Aaron Nicholson 18.TJ Ellis
Matthias Dandois, matthiasdandois.blogspot.com, may 2009: Ca commence le Jeudi avec les qualifications amateurs, et surtout la découverte de l'aire de Flat. Du bois qui a dèjà bien vieilli, un peu au milieu de nulle part, Il y'a un moment ou j'ai l'impression qu'on nous prend pour des cons. Bref, j'y reviendras plus loin. Pas mal d'amateurs avaient fait le déplacement, une trentaine, donc on a pu faire des bonnes qualifications. A noter la première place aux qualifs de Maxime Luccheti qui a putain de progressé avec un Spinning Hitchiker Nohand quand même. Samir Atmani a aussi bien roulé, tant bien que mal, tout en rolling sur ce spot incertain. Et Les beaux runs de Matthieu Bonnecuele et Maxandre Pillonel.
Pour la finale amateur, un bon paquet de monde dans les gradins naturels, une pure ambiance, ça fait plaisir pour nos amateurs!! 3 ème place pour Maxime Luccheti. Il me semble qu'il a aussi bien roulé que la veille; à surveiller de près le garçon! 2 ème place pour la mini-star (par sa taille) du Flat amateur qui rentre des decades et s'essaye même à Death Truck. Les jambes passent vraiment tooout juste j'ai nommé Matthieu Bonecuelle! ahaha première place pour Maxandre Pillonel, on sent que le gars va aller loin, Il s'entraîne a des trucs intelligent, est à l'aise sur le vélo. il a le truc quoi. Il nous gratifie de turbine whiplash et autre steam roller full whiplash to halfpacker. Victoire justifiée!

RESULTATS BMX FLAT AMATEUR: 1.Maxandre Pillonel 2.Maxime Luchetti 3.Matthieu Bonecuelle 4.Mathieu Chauviney 5.Samir Atmani 6.Jimmy Biondi 7.Kevin Meyer 8.Gaz Issabre 9.Florian Huguet 10.Laurent Perrier

Matthias Dandois, matthiasdandois.blogspot.com, may 2009: En Qualif Pro Flat, un plateau un peu décevant à cause du spot, quoique internationale quand même avec Viki Gomez, Frank Lucas, Thomas Noyer, Joris Bretagnolle et les infatiguables Panda. les qualifs étant en pleines après midi, il y'avait un monde FOU! et ça fait plaisir de rouler dans ce genre d'ambiance. Les 3 premiers amateurs faisaient leurs début en Pro, et ont bien assuré! Matthieu Bonecuelle s'est même qualifié pour la finale du lendemain. Bravo! Autrement on a eu un run bien propre de Joris avec un style très Chiquété, Viki toujours aussi Tech, Frank Lucas qui a régalé la foule avec un pédalo upsidedown megaspin, Raph à la bien et Alex qui commence à vraiment bien géré le Brakeless. Les fires sans freins comme si il les avaient!!
Matthias Dandois, matthiasdandois.blogspot.com, may 2009: Les finales commencent quand Viki arrive. Les gradins sont pleins, le Lionel Cardoso fait chauffer ses cordes vocales, ça va être fou! les riders ont bien assuré le show, avec quelques belles chutes par-ci par-la quand même. Joris a fumé le spot, 4 ème place pour lui, Viki qui n'avait pas du tout practice s'en sort pas si mal: fire to cross foot tomahawk; Alex a vraiment bien roulé, il rentre même un brakeless decade innatendu à la fin de son run, quand à moi j'ai rentré quelques trucs marrant et un bunnywhip dont je suis fier, j'ai vraiment missioné à l'apprendre!! Bref, tous les gens m'ont dis que le flat était chanmé, que ça changeait des autres disciplines du BMX ou ça se met la tête en bas. Donc le minimum syndicale serait de donner une aire de flat praticable l'année prochaine. Déjà, plus de pros feraient le déplacement, et ensuite cela donnerait de l'ampleur à l'event. D'ailleurs Alex a bien discuté avec les organisateurs, et les rumeurs laissent entendre que ça sera foufou l'année prochaine. sortez les maillots de bains! Vu comment ils font ça bien pour le street, je vois pas pourquoi ils en feraient pas autant pour le flat! Bref, un grand merci quand même aux organisateurs et à Fise events qui font du bon boulot pour développer cette discipline qui en a besoin! à l'année prochaine!

RESULTATS PRO FLAT: 1.Matthias Dandois 2.Alex Jumelin 3.Viki Gomez 4.Joris Bretagnolle 5.Frank Lucas 6.Thomas Noyer 7.Raphaël Chiquet 8.Matthieu Bonnecuelle
Amateur Spine/Mini Results: 1.Jon 2.Jeremi Granieri 3.Romain Couderc 4.Geo Magerand 5.Vincent Burhort 6.Thomas Benedetti 7.Mike Hendrick 8.Jeremi Pelissier 9.Anthony Perrin Groult

mirrabikeco.com, may 2009: After qualifying in 4th place Andy Buckworth was amped to ride the miniramp finals. The crowd was going insane for the 18 years old Australian. His backflip handplant over the spine and his first frontie over a spine were crowd pleasers.

RESULTATS FINALE BMX SPINE PRO: 1.Daniel Dhers 2.Ben Wallace 3.Mark Webb 4.Andy Buckworth 5.Alexandre Bourguignon 6.Anthony Watkinson 7.Martyn Cooper 8.Tobias Wicke 9.Daniel Penafiel 10.Jason Phelan 11.JB Baptiste 12.Aaron Nickelson 13.Ryan Guettler