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Evènement: FISE 2005, neuvième édition.
Lieu: espace rock de Montpellier Grammont.
Date: juillet 2005.
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, august 2005: The Dirt contest at the FISE was one of the better ones so far. It was pitch dark at night but there was little wind. The extra lamps that were connected at the last minute made for a good view for the riders and the spectators. When the crowd has been drinking for a few hours, they really like to make some noise. The vibe was good when the pros lined up for a straight final with 3 jumps counting out of 4.
Alejandro Caro from Columbia was a late entry to the event but he made his presence count. Alejandro took care of business straight away with a great first run on the two biggest sets. His jumps included tailwhips, flips, barspins, 360-s and combinations of all of them. He was a clear winner of the Dirt contest and a happy man with the cash.
Markus Hampl came out swinging. The German did a killer superman seatgrab 360 over the last set and ended up in 2nd. Enough to treat his lady good for a weekend at the Mediterranean.
Nicolas Bertier may not do all the fancy backflips, three-sixties and tailwhips but the Peynier local does the most stretched variations of all. It's a treat for the photographers who can be way off timing and still end up with a great photo. Nothings, cannonballs, no-handers, supermans were some of Nico's contributions to the Dirt night. 3rd place.
Dropsy and BB followed Nicolas in 4th and 5th. Both had a few too many crashes in their runs to get "on the podium". The Paradise BMX dudes were SIIIICCCKK though.
You know a contest is good when after the event is over, people are still riding. This happened at the dirt contest, until the lights went out........
1. Alejandro CARO
2. Markus HAMPL
4. Alex DROPSY
5. Romuald NOIREAU
6. Lilian CONRY
7. Sofian BLANLUET
8. Fabien FRANCOIS
9. Alessandro BARBERO
10. Clement PETIT
11. PILLIN Nicolas
12. GUIMEZ Patrick
13. CAYET Stephane
14. NESME Laurent
15. VIDAL Clement
16. RICHARD Bruno
17. PITTARD gabriel
18. CARTIER yannick
19. KOUM Laurent
20. AGNIEL Nico
21. TAVARSON Cedric
22. DIETSCHY Christophe
23. ARMAND Georges

1. REMMEAU clement
2. AGNIEL nicolas
3. MAZEYRAT raphael
4. MUSSO tristan
5. MUSSO mathieu
6. TATIN maxime
7. SIMEONE yann
8. OMEL thomas
9. ROBERT gael
10. GAY cyrill
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, august 2005: Why did John Heaton win, you might wonder? Maybe because he was the only rider to do a barspin to manual on the container, or was the only rider to hit the handrail. Maybe because he did the manual to handrail in his final run. His fufanu on the 8 foot tall quarterpipe was insane. Some things are impossible but then again, I was proved wrong on this on. Johnny pulled it off.
Who else was there? Rob Darden was over on his first European trip and was having a good time. The S&M rider was representing Adio shoes and made tested them on tailwhip footjams on several occasions. Rob got 2nd. Count him in for more Euro trips in the future.
In third we had Italian Alessandro Barbero who managed to pull his big stuff in the finals and that included 360 variations, flip-whips and tailwhips over the box. The use of the course by Alessandro was good too. He was on it at the FISE.
Tommy Lauque was the first Frenchman and finished 4th. The French crowd in the stands is always good. They know the riders and they know the tricks. The dude with the Megaphone was funny all weekend long. There was some MC - Megaphone conversation going on during a few jam sessions that got the crowd into it even more. Good stuff. Tommy is a great overall rider with loads of skills. Same goes for Kevin Kalkof who was one of those great up and coming riders at the FISE 2 years ago and is now mixing it up in pro class.
FISE regular Max Vincent from Canada went huge on the jump box on his cool looking Federal. JB Peytavit has got double whips down for 7th. Guillaume Dasneves finished 8th and we find Alex Valentino back in 9th. Alex had great sessions in qualifying putting him on 2nd place. When the pressure was on he could not pull it off and was on the floor on tricks he pulled off clean the day before. Alex is a young ripper and will be back for more at the 10th version of the FISE in 2006.
Joe Riley had crashed hard on vert only an hour before the street finals. His cheek was dislocated, he chipped a tooth, had a bad headache and bruises all over. Still the SD Premium rider climbed on his bike to show insane rodeo 360-s over the box and a crazy looking rodeo/flair/flat-540 on a quarter ramp. Again the American was on the floor quite a bit to end up on 10th place. John Garcia paid up his entree fee after making the finals and was allowed to ride the main event. The Metal rider is tech and burly at the same time. 12th place was for Pascal Guerard who went for the biggest front flip in history missing the landing completely. He had tried some in a foam pit the week before and decided to hit the box with full speed and lean over the bars. The rotation wasn't even that bad, it was just the impact behind the box that caused an early DNF for Pascal. You'll be seeing this attempt in videos, no doubt.
1. HEATON John
3. BARBERO Alessandro
4. LAUQUE Tommy
5. KALKOF Kevin
6. MAX Vincent
7. PEYTAVIT Jean-Baptiste
8. DASNEVES Guillaume
10. RILEY Joe
11. GARCIA John
12. GUERARD Pascal

1. GRANIER clement
2. FLEUR damien
3. DELPEYROU romain
4. CHARNERON maxime
5. COULOMB joris
6. FRANCOIS thierry
7. REMMAUD clement
8. TATIN maxime
9. PEVADIAN mathieu
10. CASANOVE vincent
11. CHAUMET jeremy
1. HIROYA Morizaki
3. RYOJI Yamamoto
5. CHIQUET Raphael
6. GUYENNON Florent
7. DASSIE Christophe
8. NOYER Thomas

4. MOHAMMEDI Mustafa
5. BUQUET Morgan
6. BERARD Stephane
8. GASTELIER Vincent
9. LAURENT Cyril
11. HAVE Julien
12. POSPIL Robert
13. LINAY Anthony
14. MIRAS Philippe
15. GUILTEAUX Florian
Bart de Jong, www.fatbmx.com, august 2005: The vert contest at the FISE has never really been the best ever. When it was indoors (Zenith) and the ramp was good (Vertical) it made for a better contest but lately it has been the less than perfect FISE ramp in windy conditions. The ramp this year was not layered in skatelite as promised but in 5 mm plywood. With the World Cup Skateboard contest scheduled for after the BMX vert comp, the skaters were fearing every crash the BMX-ers would make. A peg would go straight through the ramp and it happened three times. Rolling over a hole with a 20" wheel is less dangerous than with a skatewheel so the BMX vert contest could go on.
With prize money on the line for 7 people the vert class did see some not so regular faces. Place 5 - 8 was filled with riders who usually take it to the street but with some pocket money available for some 4 foot airs and some grinds, they went ahead and entered the comp.
Joe Riley would have thought twice if he knew what was ahead of him on the vert ramp. After some grinds and 4 feet airs the Premium rider tried a 540, landed it but crossed up his bars and fell on his face wearing a skate helmet. He chipped a tooth, dislocated his cheek and missed out on any vert prize money as he finished 8th.
Ryan Mills on the other hand was stoked on the extra beer money that he got for 7th place.
John Heaton actually showed some good stuff with barspin manuals on vert and airs in the 4 foot range.
Max Vincent had a few crashes but he tried hard and deserved the top spot of the street posse.
Peter Geys didn't have his day. He did not get along with the ramp and hated the feel of the beams getting up and down the ramp. The layer was so thin you could feel every crossbeam with your bike. Peter still did 540-s, tailwhips, a flair, no-handers, inverts at decent height, no-footers, x-ups and a few lookbacks. It was actually a pretty close call between Peter and Ricky Roich. Ricky's style was more expressive with big alley oop 540-s, alley oop airs, turndowns, inverts, x-ups and he also pulled a flair.
It was also close between Eduardo Terreros and Matt Fairbairn for first place. Eduardo had the style for first but Matt had the tricks for first. It's a tough call to make but with 540 barspins, x-ups to double barspins, slow tailwhips and staying on his bike during tons of variations, the Australian grabbed first place away from Eduardo who tried hard with 540-s, tailwhips, his rad one-handed tables, flairs, no-handers, one-foot-x-ups and an opposite air or two.
Let's hope that RedBull will be legal in France next year so a good vert ramp can be set up at a good location. For the 10th year FISE aniversary it would be a shame to have to work with the same ramp again.
1. Matt Fairbairn, Australia - Volume Bikes
2. Eduardo Terreros, Spain - FlyBikes
3. Ricky Roich, Argentina - Snafu
4. Peter Geys, Belgium - HARO Bikes
5. Max Vincent, Canada - Federal
6. John Heaton, Canada - MacNeil
7. Ryan Mills, USA - Premium Products
8. Joe Riley, USA - Premium Products