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Sources: Fat zine #23, Ride On video, BMX Plus! july 1992, Invert june 1992, ...
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Event: BS 1992 round 2 "Death in the Desert".
Date: march 28-29, 1992.
Place: Thrasherland Skatepark, Arizona
Organisation: Hoffman crew.

Mini ramp and halfpipe only because there wasn't enough asphalt to hold a flatland and a street contest.

Karlos, BMX Plus! july 1992: People are always talking about how fast freestyle bicycling progresses. It's said that riders are constantly pushing limits and taking the sport to extremes. Okay, we will buy that, but there's more to it If you have been to a freestyle contest lately, namely the recent Bicycle Stunts event in Glendale. Arizona, you will agree that all boundaries have been broken. There is nothing considered impossible anymore. In 82, a four foot aerial was considered insane. Now, ten years later, it's nothing more than a hiccup compared to 900s, barspin 540s, tailtap 900s, nothings, nosegrinds, tailwhip airs, backflip fakies and backflip twists. The future of freestyle approaches so fast, it's almost yesterday before you can put your pads on. Don't be surprised if you didn't see this coming.
7ft high, 1ft extension, 24ft wide. There was a really small spine-mini next to it (an 8ft canyon) where some guys did transfers.

First, Tim Ruck, feeble to fakie, pedal grinds (he doesn't have pegs).

Keith Treanor raged in the mini-ramp competition. Fat fakies and a ton of cool lip tricks pulled him the Stunt Boy win.

Jay Miron won with 5 or 6 backflip fakies.
Mongoose's Dennis McCoy packed more lip tricks into his miniramp run than anyone. This nofooted nosepick was simply a warm-up for such moves as his 900 tailtaps to no-footed backward drop-ins. He was on the money in cut-throat competition. Ice, ice, baby.
dennis mccoy
Dennis McCoy. Photo by Karlos/BMX Plus!
SOON TO BE MINI: 1-Tim Ruck 2-Les Allen 3-Aaron Kruger 4-Lawan Cunningham 5-Troy Steineckert 6-Sean Yarrol

STUNTBOYS MINI: 1-Keith Treanor 2-John Peacy 3-Eben Krackau 4-Kevin Gutierrez 5-Kurtis Kunz 6-Dave Halford

STUNTMEN MINI: 1-Jay Miron $240 2-Dennis McCoy $180 3-Matt Hoffman $120 4-Dave Mirra $60 5-James Shepherd 6-Mike Krniach
First went to Mat Hoffman; flair, 900°, no handed to no footed 540°, frontflip on his bike trying to land on the platform ...
Jay Miron did a perfect backflip, boomerang air, toothpick grind, tailwhip air, topside no footed cancan one hand.
dave mirra condor invert
Dave Mirra on the cover of Invert june 1992
SOON TO BE VERT: 1-Kevin Williams 2-Junior Torres 3-Corey Bolton 4-James Smith 5-Mark Owen 6.Domingo Locust 7.Jacob Duarte 8.Troy Steineckert

STUNTBOYS VERT: 1-John Peacy 2-John Parker 3-Gary Laurent 4-Kevin Gutierrez 5-Jim Burgess 6-Joe Tecca 7-Eben Krackau 8.9-Keith Treanor 10-Jay Eggleston 11-Pat Dehne Swope

STUNTMEN VERT: 1-Matt Hoffman $320 2-Jay Miron $240 3-Dennis McCoy $160 4-Dave Mirra $80 5-Simon Tabron 6-Dino Deluca 7-Rob Steward 8-Todd Seligman