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Sources: Dig, Ride BMX UK, BMX Biker Monthly, ...
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C'est le salon anglais du cycle où sont fréquemment organisés un contest/démo de BMX.
Event: Bike '84 show.
Place: Olympia, London (UK)
Date: october 26 - november 3, 1984.
Medias: BMX Biker Monthly #6
Event: Cyclex
Place: Olympia, London (UK)
Date: march 5-8, 1992
Evènement: BicyclExpo
Place: Alexandra Palace, London (UK)
Date: october 2, 1993.
Event: Bike 1995
Place: Birmingham (UK)
Date: april 7-9, 1995.
Medias: Ride BMX UK #17
Event: salon Bike 1999
Place: Birmingham (UK)
Date: 1999
Medias: Soul #4, Freedom #27
Place: Birmingham (GB)
Date: 2000
Riders: Rooftop, Ron Kimler, Nate Wessel, Steve Crandall, Mike Tag, Joe Rich, Luc-E, Matt Beringer, Fids, John Taylor, Ian Morris, Jerry Galley, ...
Bike 2001.
Report, results, pics.
Si les années passées étaient souvent marquées par le street, cette année l'arrivée du flat et les runs de Jamie Bestwick (superman seatgrab to turndown, x-up to x-up to turndown, ...) an rampe marqueront cette édition. Pour une première en flat, c'était une réussite, la crème européenne (Martti Kuoppa, Viki Gomez, James White, Lee Musselwhite, Effraim Catlow, Ulrich Kittel, alex Jumelin et Nathan Penonzec avaient répondu à l'invitation.
Simon Tabron, www.snafubmx.com: The Bike 2003 event was good. There were bikes. It was good. Really, it was a very cool event. I managed to win the vert comp on what was the best contest vert ramp of all time ( Vertical Kingsize II - US organisers TAKE NOTE). I did all my usual 540 stuff and some airs and flairs and probably the smoothest 900 that I have ever done.
The street comp was amazing - Mirra, Nyquist and Kagy went more nuts than anyone I have ever seen. Because this wasn't a self proclaimed 'cool' comp, use of the jump box was permitted. Mirra nailed double whip 360, Kagy a double flip and flip whip to x-up(!!!) and Nyquist confused everyone. Perfect double barspin flip, suicide no hander rocket 360...... Mirra came close on a flair wallride and he had some really smooth opposite 360 spine variations as well as a spine flip whip, nose dived, perfect and completely unfashionable. Bless you Dave, Ryan and Chad for reminding the BMX world that style takes more than a table and turndown and for blowing the lid off progression. Ryan 1st, Dave 2nd, Chad 3rd.
A flat comp happened and I completely missed it. Sorry. My favourite quote of the weekend ( bearing in mind it was a show for ALL types of cycling) was the commentator during street when the crowd went a little quiet: " Come on, you would have screamed if he was wearing lycra! THIS IS BMX". That's all from the Tabronic archives. Stay good, ride hard, be happy.
Report, results.
Zach Shaw, www.extreme.com, april 2004: Bike Show in April, the contest was amazing with Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Tobias Wicke, Jamie Bestwick, Simon Tabron and many more of the Worlds top BMX riders there to compete. Nyquist won the street contest with the craziest trick I think i have ever seen an alleyoop flair across a 10 ft channel!!! Bestwick pulled out the stops in Vert to take the win with a Flair whip, 540 alleyoops and massive airs and variations all over the new Redbull Ramp, Simon Tabron pulled a 900 taking his tally of pulled 9's well into the 50s mark. He also pulled the elusive alleyoop 540 barspin! I took 3rd place with some big flairs, 540 inverts and some well aimed body jars that nearly put me off the side of the ramp but at least i nearly landed on our MC Mr Paul Roberts!
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THE BIKE SHOW RIDES ON TO NEW TURF. The Bike Show 2005 – the UK’s biggest & coolest bike show is about to drop in to a new location! The show, now in it’s 10th year, will celebrate it’s anniversary by skidding into a monumental new venue - Stoneleigh Park, Coventry, offering both indoor AND outdoor space for competitors, exhibitors and visitors.
The King of Street event will be back by popular demand, giving BMX fans something to call their own! The thrilling event incorporates Vert, Street and Braun Flatland. More space, more features, more riders, more visitors and more sponsors – the move is destined to be a success!
“The feedback we’ve had so far has been incredibly positive” explains Ayesha Daly, Event Presenter of The Bike Show 2005. “We now have over one million square metres of indoor and outdoor space to play with. We’ve got two indoor venues PLUS a new stand-alone building for the Streetcourse and Braun Flatland, covering 11,803 square metres”.
The new venue has attracted some of the world’s best riders. The roster of talent includes X Games and Gravity Games legends Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist, Stevie McCann, Benjamin Shenker, Tobias Wicke, Ben Wallace, Ben Hennon, and Gary Young, Stephen Murray, Scotty Cranmer, Ryan Guettler, Cory Nastazio, Alistair Whitton of the Vans Team. Not forgetting the best vert rider in the world Jamie Bestwick, who’ll be battling it out against fellow Brit Simon Tabron for top spot.
A brand new design and the inclusion of the Braun Spine Ramp will make the street course really special this year. One of the most innovative and exciting features in any streetcourse, the Braun Spine ramp will add a new dimension to King of Street. The Red Bull 15m Kingsize II Vert Ramp, one of the best ramps in the world, will also be at Bike ’05. With competitions all day every day from THE best riders in the world, watch out for the hottest vert comp all year.
Confirmed exhibitors include Haro, Vans, GT, Eastern, Odyssey, Blank, Ruption, Redline, and many more.
Report, results, video.