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Date: september 3, 1988.
Place: Schenectady, New York.
Organisation: Ron Wilkerson.
BMX Plus! december 1988: The 2-Hip King of Vert Round Four went down in Schenectady, New York, September 3. It was held in the Center City Arena in the new 2-Hip semiportable half pipe-the same one that was used in Austin and the same one that will be used at the Rockville K.O.V.
Ron Wilkerson's truck is still having trubs. This time it made it all the way to the contest, the ramp was unloaded and set up, but on the way to the hardware store to pick up a few last-minute nuts and bolts the engine blew up.
Amateur attendance at this contest numbered 24 and the comp raged. Top honors went to Matt Hoffman and Dino Deluca. Hoffman's high variations over the channel, high disasters, and decade drop-ins nabbed the win for him. Englishman Lee Reynolds wasn't feeling good, but he felt good enough to grab a well-deserved third place behind Dino. Dave Voelker twisted his wrist in Friday's practice and didn't compete. The strange thing about this contest was that only three pros competed-Craig Campbell, Brian Blyther, and Dennis Langlais. Other pros showed up but didn't compete-Josh White felt sick (Wilkerson kept announcing that "somebodyought togoupto ... [and he announced Josh's motel room number] and tell him there's a contest going on"). Wilkerson was out with a badly sprained ankle that he acquired at a rehearsal for the Swatch Impact Tour.
About 500 spectators witnessed Craig Campbell's almost-successful 900, Blyther's full-length-of-the-coping sprocket grinds and four 540s in a row (!).

1.Brian Blyther
2.Craig Campbell
3.Dennis Langlais

1.Mat Hoffman
2.Dino DeLuca
3.Lee Reynolds
4.Gary Pollack
5.Roger Sullivan
6.Chris Potts
7.Craig Litherland
8.Jeff Mayer

2-hip B-hip part 6/8. KOV ROUND 4 Begins at 3'30.
Krt Schmidt: This is the second 2-Hip video created. It features all the 2-Hip contests held in 1988.

craig campbell 2hip kov bmx new york
Craig Campbell, www.facebook.com: I Was On Fire At This One, 2Hip KOV, New York 1988.