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Founder and owner: Jimmy Levan .
1998 Metal owner, Jimmy Levan, is working hard on his new bike company but Zach (from Kink) or Brian Castillo aren't involved anymore. He has got a new partner helping him run the company named Joe Carnall.
Jimmy Levan, Dig november 2001: Our beginning was a rocky one. It started out as a three-man project, but before anything happened the other two decided to drop it. I told them f-it, I was still going to do it. I already knew what I wanted to do. About two or three month later, my friend Joe decided to help out and here we are. As for why I did it. I just always wanted to as a kid. At thirteen or fourteen I made number plates and spray painted t-shirts and had a team called "Box Boys". Mike Lausman was on it. It was almost a gang, we got kicked out the BMX track for ninety days once. We thought we were punk.

The frames will be made by Spooky Cycles in their New York factory.

The frame wich Jimmy designed is called the Kizz.
2001 Jimmy Levan, Dig november 2001: We are basically an American-made frame company with a clean no bells and whistles design. And we have the wildest plethora of personalities involved. I think we make good shit.
2004 Metal's founder, Jimmy Levan has worked out a deal with Chris Moeller giving S&M the go-ahead to distribute Metal's full product line.
Jimmy Levan, www.ridebmx.com january 2005: It's a project that Chris and I have been talking over since late September; I think everything's been rolling now since mid-December. I've known Chris since the late eighties and even rode for S&M for like six years growing up. I just know his dedication towards the BMX industry and knew it would be a good move for my dealers as far as availability. We will no longer be running out of product and not answering the phone because we're out riding or something like that; those were our main problems before... Now you have an entire sales staff taking care of you and you save money in shipping by just adding it to your S&M order. S&M, Fit, Metal - one-stop shopping... You can't beat that!
METAL team
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Dan Price

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