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BMX Plus! october 1996: Giant brought Linn Kastan and Jason Richardson together to design a racing machine, the MOSH.
1997 MOSH.
Mosh est la première marque de bmx issue du groupe Giant en 1997.
2002 TEAM.
January 2002 - Giant became title sponsor of a BMX freestyle and race team created from the remnants of GT's former Airshow, race and freestyle teams.
The Giant Bicycles Pro BMX Sports Team is divided into racers and freestyle riders and all are former GT riders, among them racer Thomas Allier and freestyler Dave Voelker.
The team is managed by Satellite Sports, a marketing group started by former GT team manager Todd Corbitt, former GT marketing director Todd Huffman and former GT Air Show director Woody Itson. The 10-person Giant Bicycle Stunt Team is scheduled to appear at NBA half-time shows, state fairs, bike shops and schools. Last year the team performed more than 1,000 shows. Satellite Sports is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the team. Giant is only a sponsor, as is WD-40, Jan Sport, Hot Wheels, ACS and Troy Lee Designs. A title sponsor from outside the industry is in the works. Giant signed a three-year deal with Satellite, paying an estimated $150,000 per year.

Giant will release a line of Giant-branded BMX bikes, with at least three models priced from $150 to $350. Giant owns the Mosh brand of high-end dirt-jumping and freestyle bikes, but has lacked opening price point models.
bmx.transworld.net, january 2013: After many years in BMX, Giant has bowed out of the BMX scene. Starting with Mosh as a bike company and slimming it down to a component brand and finally giving it the ax to start Giant’s BMX program, Giant have had a decently long history in BMX and makes us wonder whether they have something up their sleeve, or are really done for good.
Mike Parenti 2002 - ....

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