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UK-based BMX brand.
2009 Brian Tunney, www.expn.com, november 2009: Amity, which means 'peaceful' and also shares a name with the fictional island depicted in the movie "Jaws," is a new UK-based BMX brand that produces frames, components, completes and apparel. They sponsor Cam Hardy, Ben Wallace and Ryan Taylor, and from the looks of everything, they're doing it right. Soon-to-be available from Amity include two frames (the Troy designed by Ben Wallace and the Russo) plus a complete bike that gets the test treatment in the latest Ride UK.
2010 Ben Wallace leaves ABC
One of Amity’s top shredders has parted ways with the company, leaving behind his signature ‘Troy’ frame.
Ben Wallace, www.fatbmx.com, may 2010: I no longer ride for Amity Bike Co., therefore have no bike sponsor. Due to personal reasons between myself and the owner/TM William Brotherton I have come to this decision, some of you may be aware of why but not wanting to tell the world his negatives. Cheers.
Ben Wallace .... - 2010